Human Nature Series: Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil

Puberty hits anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, it leaves behind battle scars, i.e. stretch marks and it drives our hormones crazy; therefore creating tons of changes in our body. And as we spend late nights on school work, burning the midnight oil, we gain excess baggage... under our eyes, that is. If you're also worried about getting wrinkles from everyday stress, all this and more can be solved by Human Nature's Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil!

My biggest problem among the three has got to be stretch marks. I've tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter, to no avail. It's expensive and back then, it wasn't available in the Philippines so I had to ask my relatives abroad to buy it for me. After a few years of dealing with stretch marks and trying to get rid of them, I gave up... That is until I discovered the power of this elixir.

When I got myself a (50 mL) bottle, I immediately put its claim to help erase stretch marks to the test. After a few weeks of regular use, I was astounded. It really did lighten my stretch marks! Now, despite not being able to use it as regularly as before, the results get better and better. It's made of 100% sunflower seed oil... Yup! Nothing more! It's all-natural and all good for you.

It also claims to help pack extra shine to your tresses. I've tried to use it as a hair serum twice but I like this product more as a stretch mark terminator. I also haven't tried it to get rid of dark eye bags or other dark spots elsewhere, but I bet it works just wonderfully! Despite its being an oil, it's neither greasy nor does it leave an icky film afterwards. Just massage a drop or two onto affected area and if you can (actually it's better if you do), use it everyday to achieve optimum results. Just be patient. Once this potion works its magic, I'm sure all the work will be worth the wait!

Picture from the Human Nature website.
A 50 mL bottle will cost you Php 150 (around $3 to $4)
A 50 mL bottle goes a long way. I've had mine for at least three months already and I'm still reaping its major benefits without even consuming half of the bottle yet! You can order this and other Human Nature products online or through their dealers and stores. They also deliver internationally. Each order comes in a neat little box package (hence their pro-environment tag). All this information is available through their site.

They say this is a miracle in a bottle. I say there's so much more to this small-but-terrible wonder than meets the eye! (pun intended) If you have multiple skin problems, then maybe you have found your mirage in the desert. :)

What's your favorite all-in-one beauty solution?

SGT <3