Freebie Happy!

Recently, I won a gift pack from Human Nature from the "Read the Label Challenge". I had just claimed my prize yesterday and I'm excited to share it with you.

It comes in a cute lime green pouch.

I can't complain. A prize is still a prize. Plus, these are amazing!

First up, a Tutti Frutti Lip Balm. I already have like a bajillion lip balms already so I'm giving this one to my cousin. But I love the scent, it smells like Juicy Fruit, yes, the bubblegum! Like its peppermint variant, which I already have, it's mild and sheer.

If you're a fan of using feminine wash, I recommend getting this one. It smells phenomenal! Floral and very cheerful! Your lady parts will rejoice! Plus it's chemical-free. Just the care your sensitive skin down there needs. ;)
Sorry if you can't see the consistency of the feminine wash that well. It's clear, not too runny, and lathers well. 

OH MY GOODNESS. I've never had a lotion I liked more than this one. I'm usually a body butter gal but this one takes the cake. It smells heavenly (think bubblegum and passion fruit)

It has a milky, creamy-smooth consistency. It feels like satin on your skin, provides just the right amount of moisture and it won't leave a greasy feel afterwards.  You're sure to hook a cutie this Valentine's Day with this baby on you. ;)
 I'm so happy with these cute freebies I got. This is why I love Human Nature. No matter the size of their products, they always make sure to deliver and deliver well to their promise. Looking forward to more free loot!

SGT <3


  1. I love Human♥Nature. Congrats! : )

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