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What to do on a Saturday? Well for theater geeks like me and my friend Rash, Philippine Educational Theater Association's (PETA) "Haring Lear" was the place to be. I miss theater so much and I've missed a lot of shows over the past few months. I don't think I can forgive myself if I missed this one! It's directed by Nonon Padilla and translated by National Artist for Literature, Bienvenido Lumbera. It's an original play from William Shakespeare. 

I'll make sure to write all about the play, perhaps tomorrow, when I'm in a better state, but for now, I'll give you an outfit post, featuring of course dirt-cheap pieces that (hopefully) do not look like they cost. Enjoy! :)

The cast of "Haring Lear" at the super-short meet-and-greet

We weren't able to take pictures with the cast because people just rushed to them!
Meet Rash!
K. Blurred.

Top costs Php 50 (a little over $1) from Quiapo, Pants were a gift from Mom (so it's technically FREE!), Tawny boots from Lower East Side (Php1200 / around $30), Bag from Sophie Signatures

Photos taken by Rash Caritativo. Check out her blog HERE - She's a really talented photographer-in-the-making! 

I love my accessories because I have a cross necklace and a snake bangle that wraps around beautifully in my wrist. Sorry if they're not too visible. Wasn't able to take close-up pictures for better reference. Teehee! This is my take on the tribal pattern trend. I wore minimal accessories because I wanted the print to speak for itself. And of course, knowing that I have to walk great distances to get to PETA, I wore boots that were truly made for walking!

 With National Artist for Literature, Bienvenido Lumbera. He translated William Shakespeare's "King Lear" into Filipino. I adore his writing. I said this on Facebook already but just in case we're not friends there, here's what I had to say: "Shakespeare in Filipino, translated by no other than a National Artist for Literature, nonetheless... I have never heard such wonderful words until tonight. It was the perfect marriage of poetry and prose rolling off the actors' tongues. Thank you, Haring Lear. Another great product from Peta Tapets! Mabuhay ang teatro! :)"

How did you spend your weekend? What is your take on the tribal print trend? :)

SGT <3

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