Hello, fellow girls on a budget! One thing you may or may not know about me is I sing... in secret. Kidding! I love to sing! I studied voice under the tutelage of renowned TV actress and mezzo-soprano, Ms. Ana Feleo for about three years, at the Workshops@ABS-CBN. From my classical training, I dipped my toes into pop music and tried my hand at it. Afterwards, I studied musical theater under actor-slash-singer-slash-director Mr. Roeder Camanag and tenor Mr. Nazer Salcedo at the Tanghalang Pilipino, the resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Enough of the credentials. So now, I'm just trying to find my own soul and style when it comes to singing and lately, I've been giving recording my voice (Gulp!) while singing famous songs, or as we all know it, covers.

Here's one:

It's called Imagine, and it's originally sung by John Lennon. It's one of my most favorite songs and after watching Playing for Change (check out their Youtube Channel!), I was inspired to sing it as well. The song has a really simple message and that is imagining that the world is free from all the hate, the greed, and all the negativity that humankind has brewed and threw at each other throughout the course of history. Just listen to the lyrics and the words really say it all. :)

Oh, and expect to hear more from me. I'm so sorry for the shameless plugging, but I thought it would be nice to relay a positive message and send out good vibes to all of you through this song. Hope you like it! Enjoy! :)

SGT <3

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