Manaoag Weekend

It has been my mom's wish to go to Manaoag in Pangasinan to hear mass. Manaoag is famous for its miraculous healing effects on devotees. We've had a lot to go through over the past years and it was only proper that we thank Mama Mary for her loving hand in all this. With Tita Dolly's fight against cancer and Ate Mitch's triumph over her broken spinal disc situation, we just had to go to Pangasinan and offer a mass of gratitude.

Went to Galle to have lunch at Teriyaki Boy, have my nails done at Nailaholics, got myself a red bean milk tea from Cha Time, then I checked out Snoe and their amazing products. (will definitely get my own haul soon and share them with you!) After all that, I met up with Cacai and her mom, Tita Tita, and we went ahead to their house in Antipolo to spend the night before we leave for Pangasinan at around 12 midnight so we can catch the 5 AM mass. 

Here's what happened:

OMW to Ortigas.
Pangasinan, here we come! (With Cacai)
Marvelous interior art. Wow. Just wow.
Tita Dolly. She fought her way through cancer. So proud of her.
I love old churches. The little details just make my eyes wander.
Me and mommy. And blur.
Our wishes and our faith burn with much fervor in our hearts.
Thank you, Our Lady of Manaoag.
Breakfast within the shrine grounds.
Have you guys tried tupig yet? It's like sticky rice or something
that's wrapped in banana leaves and roasted. Very yummy.
Oh, and the white things are called puto pao - a cross between
puto and siopao.
Mommy takes a bite off one tupig before she buys.
Saw this baby scratching himself away. Poor kiddo. :(
That's the Hernandez family. Cacai is ever-ready for pictures!
Chico! Its fruit tastes like granulated sugar and has black seeds.
Busy shoppers!
 Don't forget to haggle! The salespeople were nice enough to meet our prices halfway. :)

The sunshine is just too beautiful not to capture.
The clouds and the sun play hide-and-seek.
Overall, it was a long trip but a worthwhile and very spiritually (and gastronomically) fulfilling one. You should consider visiting the Manaoag church in Pangasinan for the traditional visita iglesia this coming Holy Week. :)

SGT <3

All photos are taken by She Goes Thrifty. Please ask for my permission when you intend to use them for other purposes outside this site. Thank you.

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