Hot Fuss: Luxe Nail Lounge

Before we sped off to Zambales, I made sure to pamper myself in preparation for the week ahead. I haven't had my nails done in about 4 weeks now and they're starting to look a little ugly. Good thing there's Luxe Nail Lounge in the Lower Level East Lane of Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas. It's not my first time going to Luxe and it's definitely worth coming back to! They really live up to their name. 

I have issues when it comes to getting a mani-pedi. I have to be able to trust the technician as well as the salon to keep me coming back for another session, and Luxe really made sure I was comfortable and the service was up to my standards. I was asked if I wanted to cut the sides of my nails, what shape do I want them to take, what color of nail polish I would like to get, and so on.

Check out their price points and luxurious services:

I got the Express Manicure and Basic Pedicure. The express manicure only entailed cleaning and shaping/buffing. The basic pedicure featured a soak, a massage, cleaning/shaping/buffing, and painting. They use high-end nail polish and see to it that customers are treated with the utmost care and service. It's best to come in after a tiring work or school day, either alone or with a friend, and just totally kick back and let the staff take care of all your pampering needs. 

Their price points aren't half-bad, really. For the great service, paying 200+ for a pedicure sure is worth it! You can opt to avail of their other services too! 

Bubble, bubble. :3
They use sanitized sets for each customer.
Pardon my un-kept toe nails! I just had to show you a "before" picture. :P
Finally! All clean, shaped, buffed, and has a fresh coat of paint.
(I chose a yellow O.P.I. nail polish. I'm feeling the summery vibe!)
Cool machine! It was used to dry the top layer of my nail
Clean fingernails! All set for my summer escapade!
They have a wiiiide variety of available shades and brands of nail polish.
I think they have Orly, O.P.I. Essie, Revlon, China Glaze, and so much more!
Check out their interiors! I think we can all agree that this place is tres chic!

They have a lot of magazines you can go through while
you get pampered!
I love this fringe-like curtain of theirs!
They can also do nail art!
The friendly staff who patiently attended to my every question and request. ;)
The view from outside.
I had such a grand time at Luxe Nail Lounge. You can check them out in Robinson's Galleria, it's right in front of the NBI Clearance Center. It's worth the splurge for every working (or even a student) on a budget. By the time you step out of their fringe curtain door, you'll feel like a princess, all rejuvenated and ready to go! I recommend you give Luxe a shot! :)

SGT <3

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