Sizzlin' Summer

What's up, dearies? I'll just share a quick outfit post for today. I wore this outfit to the shoot for my party on April 28. It's gonna be awesome! Three events will be celebrated in one big bash - my 21st birthday, my graduation from college, and my send-off!

The dress is from Forever 21, the bangles are from the States, and the necklace is from Quiapo. I always make sure to mix up my wardrobe with slightly expensive items and affordable ones as well. Siyempre no, girls on a budget like us can't always afford to dress up in designer duds from head-to-foot, it's not exactly practical. Besides, if you have the confidence to pull the look off, who can tell if your accessories came from thrift stores or only cost 80 pesos, right? It's all about the attitude, darlings!

I really love the summer floral print of the dress as well as the sweetheart neckline. It fits me perfectly and hugs me in all the right places. Plus, I got it on sale! See? Even if you shop at "higher end" stores, you can always find great pieces for a fraction of its original price. Just make sure to check out their sale events!

Hope you like this look! Oh, and don't forget to join my BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT!

SGT <3


  1. Exactly it is all about he attitude!!!

  2. Right? Thanks for dropping by, Sabrina! :)

  3. you look beautiful :)

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  4. I just love your blog. I'm also a girl with a tight budget, so I could most likely relate to you. :D Also, your posts are very entertaining and informative. :) Reason that I followed you! :) God bless.

    if you have time, check my blog out

    1. Hi, Vhing! Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! I'll try my best to keep it up and improve on everything so I can give you more informative and entertaining articles. ;)

      Thanks for following. I love your blog too, btw! You have the prettiest pictures! Consider yourself followed! :)

      xx, SGT