This Just In: Scents and Stuff

Here's another segment at She Goes Thrifty! Ladies and gents, please welcome This Just In!

So it's pretty self-explanatory, but if you're too tired to figure it out, This Just In will feature new things, may it be given to me as a gift, as a means of self-gratification, as a sponsored something (a girl can dream, okay?), or as an item sent in for review, regardless of the purpose, I will share with you some of the novelty in my ever-changing supply of "stuff."

Two packages arrived at my mom's office's doorstep today! The first is from Ate Shiela, a dear relative of ours and Rania's mom! You know Rania, the pretty little kiddo you've probably seen in my previous posts (if you've been hanging on to SGT long enough). And the second is from my beloved father. Thank you for the presents! It will take me forever to use these all up and another forever for me to smell horrendous, thanks to these bottles of olfactory goodness! 

Yay for loot! :D

Some lip balms and a pot of lavender salve (I only see rose salve here in the Philippines).

Bath and Body Works Body Sprays <3

Aaaand some Victoria's Secret too!

Want a spritz? ;)

SGT <3

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