Beat the bum days!

I've been stuck at home for the past few weeks. Right now I'm waiting for things to go well so I can leave for Myanmar and work there. So yeah, I've been feeling a little drab since being at home means that I don't get to dress up, put some makeup on, and just have that extra oomph all throughout the day.

And so today I decided to do something about my misery. I prepped my face by cleansing, toning, moisturizing, then I sloughed on some concealer, wildly pink lipstick, and my trusty lip gloss. Check out the merch! (click photos for original sources)

Almost out of facial wash! You won't regret buying this. It really gets your skin clean, won't clog your pores, smells good, and it's downright affordable! (around Php 150 for a tube, Etude House)
I actually use the alcohol-free variant.
I swear by this moisturizer.

Got mine for a little less than Php 500 in Beauty Bar, Mall of Asia. I'm using  the Medium shade. Remember: Pat, don't rub!

This is from Ever Bilena. I love how gutsy its color is and how it doesn't contradict my morena complexion at all. I bet it goes even better on fairer skin! (around Php 150, local supermarkets and drugstores) It's kind of matte so it's best to prime your lips first with lip balm and finish off with lip gloss. ;)

Ooh-lala! I can't get enough of Forever 21 Cosmetics! They're so affordable and so adorable too! Got this one for around Php 150. It glides on like a dream and it's not too sticky, especially for Philippine weather. This is from their earlier batches of products sent here but now there are more shades and flavors to choose from. Go crazy! :)

So there you go. Who would've thought that a little pick-me-up no-makeup budge was what I needed to lift my spirits! And it didn't have to cost me a thousand pesos. I just used whatever I had lying around in my makeup and toiletries kit, and voila! A brand-new-outlook.

What's your favorite pick-me-up activity? :)

SGT <3

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