First ish!

Kung hei fat choi! Hello and welcome to shegoesthrifty! I have always wanted to put up a blog about beauty and fashion but I just couldn't find the inspiration and the time to do it... well, here it is now! My name is AJ. I'm 20 and I recently graduated with a degree in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines.

I am no makeup expert nor am I a professional stylist but I do know that I am a girl who just can't enough of dressing up and putting on makeup. The only catch is, I'm not exactly used to splurging on clothes and makeup. As for shoes, well, that's an entirely different thing. ;)

Anyway, join me as I scour all the land for the best steals and deals on everything fashionable and quirky. I hope to help many girls like me who are self-confessed kuripots or who are just watching their spending habits. Whoever said that you have to spend a million to look like a million bucks?

P.S. Expect to see a few posts on food every now and then. I recently started to learn how to cook. Perhaps I can share with you a few recipes and pictures of my culinary (mis) adventures too! :)

SGT <3

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