Wash your Brush!

Hello again! So I have gotten a request to do a tutorial. I'm not quite sure on what subject but I thought of something practical to help you out.

It's very important to keep our makeup brushes clean. Lots of things get stuck in between those fibers - oil, makeup residue, old skin cells, and bacteria, among others. Not cleaning them can give you bad breakouts and nasty skin infections. However, cleaning your trusty tools need not be expensive. I've been looking all over for a great makeup brush cleanser, but none of them seem to fit my budget! So I searched the internet, read up on a few suggestions and formulated my own cleaning routine. (I'll be posting pictures soon, I promise!) You won't have to step out of the house to get them spic-and-span! I'm sure you'll find these materials either in your kitchen or your bathroom.

What you'll need:

  • Moisturizing (or antibacterial) hand soap
  • (if you don't have any antibacterial hand soap) Gel sanitizer - gets rid of the bacteria
  • Baby oil - to keep the bristles soft and supple (extra virgin olive oil is recommended, but if you don't have any lying around your house, this will do)
  • A small plate or shallow container
  • Warm water
  • A clean glass or cup
  • Paper towels or tissue
What you're gonna do:
  • Get your brushes ready. 
  • Squeeze a few drops of your hand soap, gel sanitizer, and a small drop of baby oil onto your plate.
  • Pick one brush and use it to mix all the liquids together.
  • Immerse the brushes onto the mixture, swirling them around as you go. (You can do it one brush at a time.)
  • Sway your brush (es) gently back and forth on your palm to get the product out. You're gonna see tints and powders come out in this process. Continue doing this until no more product is trapped in the bristles. Do the same thing with all your brushes.
  • Wash the brushes with warm water until all the soap and residue come off.
  • Squeeze excess water using paper towels or tissue paper.
  • To dry: Get a glass (yes, the one you drink out of) and gently place your brushes one by one, bristles facing down. Doing this makes sure that the water doesn't seep through the metal part of the brush and doesn't ruin the glue, which will destroy the brush in the long run. Let the moisture drain out. It's better if you kept the plastic thing that covers the tip of the brush to keep its shape. If not, just leave it to dry as it is.
  • Let it dry for a few hours indoors. Just pick a dry place to leave the glass in.
  • Then, re-shape the brushes if necessary.
  • Your brushes are good as new!
Cleaning can be done once every two to three days. If you don't have time in-between washes, you can simply use baby wipes to get rid of stuff on your brushes after use. 

I hope this simple tutorial helps. :)

SGT <3

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