Go for Gold!

I'm sure you're familiar with Etude House. It's a Korean brand of cosmetics and beauty products, endorsed by 2NE1's (San) Dara. They promise to produce non-comedogenic (won't aggravate acne and won't clog your pores) items. Having sensitive skin is such an issue since I can't just use anything on my face. It has to come from a tried and tested company or brand, at least. I absolutely cannot use 10-peso eyeshadow kinds from the friendly palengke. Trust me, I swell up and my allergies flare up as soon as cheap makeup touches my skin. I don't mean to sound maarte but having learned from personal experience, I know I have to be careful.

I promised to give reviews on AFFORDABLE products with great quality. Well, let's throw the dirt cheap ones with suspicious origins out the window, shall we? Going back, Etude House is a quaint, little store that screams G-I-R-L-Y. As soon as you enter, the employees will greet you with "Welcome, Princess," and it adds to the feeling of special treatment while you're there. I bought my very first product, their Aloe Tea facial wash, from their branch in SM Southmall, if I'm not mistaken. Since it worked well with my sensitive skin, I decided to try out what else they had to offer.

On my second trip to their branch in SM Santa Rosa (thank goodness), I stocked up on makeup and tools. I got a lash curler, some sponges (both will get separate reviews), and an amazing eyeshadow stick called, Bling Bling Eye Stick in Butterfly Star.

When worn. :)

The packaging.

I usually use it as an eyeliner, on its own, with mascara for everyday use if there are no events I have to attend.
Go for gold!

It has a thick tip. Kind of messy to put on but VERY pretty when it's already on your lids. Takes some getting used to put on.

It costs Php 198 or about $4 in any Etude House branch near you. What's so amazing about this is I can just swipe a layer on my lids, curl my lashes, slap on some mascara, some lip gloss, and I'm good to go! I don't even have to worry about blending and all that. It looks pretty on its own. I bet it will go on better with your favorite eyeshadow. (I haven't tried it out yet though.)

I usually use this when I only go to the mall or nearby places that don't really require me to put on complete makeup. When you get this, you're getting value for money because you'll be using this for a looong time. Just be gentle with it so as not to break the stick. Another plus is that it doesn't make my eyelids scratchy and swollen and doesn't trigger my allergies. (Yay!)

Overall, aside from the pretty factor, and despite its simple packaging, I give it a thumbs-up. It's an eyeliner with a shimmery twist! How fun is that? ;)

What's your favorite glittery eyeliner?

SGT <3

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