Remember my confusion when I didn't know which primer to get? (check it out here: Primer on Primers )  Well, I finally took the plunge and chose this primer. It's called Aloha Ice Sherbet Primer from Etude House.

Costs Php 578 at any Etude House branch near you. 
I found the packaging very neat and cute! It doesn't look like a primer at first glance, but looks more like a body spray or a deodorant (ha ha!). That having been said, it doesn't seem intimidating unlike other more high-end primers in the market.

Most of what's written on the bottle is in Korean (which I cannot, for the love of me, understand). However, there are English subtitles so buying this won't leave you lost in translation. I must admit, it's pretty costly for a kuripot like myself; then again, it's a good investment and a must-have in every girl's makeup stash, especially if you're not gifted with Cleopatra's flawless skin (like me).

It has no paraben, so that must be good. No preservatives and/or harmful chemicals. However, you still have to test it out for allergic reactions and whatnot. They have testers in the store. Also, make sure to ask the salespeople about your concerns. They're friendly enough to attend to all your queries.

To use it, shake well, then spray a couple of times on your palm until you get enough product to apply onto your face. It feels a little cold when it touches your skin but the temperature regulates when you put in on. It's up to you how much you think you need but as long as you think you had every spot covered, you're good to go. One good thing about its spray configuration is that it makes you save more than using a squeeze bottle or container. You can easily control how much product gets out of the bottle. Then, let the primer set and blend into your skin first before going through with your whole makeup routine. This will prep your skin, fill in gaps, correct a couple of flaws, prolong your makeup's staying power, and help bring out the brilliancy and color in your makeup.

When I took this baby for a test run, I went to Quezon City then to Ortigas, sans the car, so I was exposed to the elements (and pollution!). Much to my surprise, it helped my makeup stay on longer and kept my face feeling fresh all day. I would recommend this to commuting gals everywhere! Gone are the days when stepping out means you'll look haggard and chaka.

The only catch is, it's limited edition. So if you're looking for a great primer, get this one now before the stocks run dry. Your 600 bucks will definitely go a long way when you invest in (a/this) primer. You get a lot of benefits and value for money. Who doesn't want to look fresh and  who doesn't want their makeup to stay on the rest of the day (especially when you have a gazillion things to do)?

I give it a 9.5 out of 10. :)

What's your favorite primer?

SGT <3


  1. Naubusan na ako when I tried buying one at SM Fairview :| It was weird though that the sales ladies didn't know the product. :|

  2. Ate Steffi! I guess I'm lucky. Okay yung salespeople dito sa Santa Rosa. Try other branches! :D