The Birthday Mom!

Yesterday, February 17, was my mom's birthday. We celebrated it at her office. It was a small but enjoyable lunch with a few of her close friends and colleagues. Here's a sneak peek...

Got this from my fave accessory shop in Quiapo, Manila

UP pride!

Tita Juliet swung by! She's one of my favorite aunts in my mom's barkada! :D

Cheers to the birthday gal who's looking more youthful and joyful more than ever! :) Who would say she just turned  56?
I also got myself a wine-colored luggage for my upcoming trip to Myanmar, where I'll be working (among other things) and some supplies such as kawaii notebooks, organizer tool boxes, etc. Will write all about it soon! In the meantime, I'd like to thank my mom for being there with me all my life, for being such a super woman, and for loving me unconditionally. She taught me all there is to know about much about everything, and now that it's time for me to leave the nest, I have nothing but gratitude for the fabulous lady who raised me. Love you, mommy! <3

I'm excited to share a few new discoveries with you all! Lots of awesome new stuff to write about! Stay tuned to more adventures and budget-friendly tips and tricks here on She Goes Thrifty!

SGT <3

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