Hot Fuss: Boracay Sands Spa and Faustina's

Hello, friends! As I promised, here's the rundown of yesterday's full day of fun with friends.

For the first order of business, I picked up my buddy Chammy at the town mall near our village and we sped off to UP Los Banos so I can get my official transcript of records (which, unfortunately got my birthday so wrong so I'm gonna have to ask for another one.) Anyway, I took Chammy to one of my favorite restaurants in  LB, Faustina's. Check out what we had for lunch (photos were borrowed from the Faustina's fan page on Facebook):

Tomato and white cheese pasta. This is an absolute must-try in their wide selection of great eats! A junior plate will keep you satisfied (Php 85/ $2), but if you're really hungry, they have a regular serving (I think it's around Php 145 or around $4) that will keep you stuffed! I always order this whenever I eat at Faustina's. :)
Banana and choco-hazelnut crepe. What can I say? It's simply heavenly! I think this costs somewhere between Php 100 to Php 120 and there are lots of flavor combinations to choose from!
Chammy tried the New York Iced Tea. Another great choice and an alternative to soda, nonetheless! A glass of this is priced at Php 45 or a little over $1. 

After a hearty meal, we walked a little around campus, visited the Department of Humanities, and met a few friends and former professors along the way. Then we decided to hit the road because I've been itching to visit Chammy's spa in Batangas. Yes, she owns her own little piece of heaven in Santo Tomas, Batangas. It's called Boracay Sands Spa, and they offer affordable services for members and non-members alike. Gone are the days when you need at least Php 500 to get a decent massage. Thanks to Boracay Sands Spa, girls on a budget like us can kick back, relax, and let their amazing therapists work their magic!

To get there, just take the southbound road of the South Luzon Expressway going to Calamba, then just go past the Calamba exit, just go straight, enter the Batangas toll gate, and you will see a sign that says To Sto. Tomas, take that right and you'll end up in the national road. Just keep going straight, and about five minutes away from the Sto. Tomas exit, just a little past the intersection (not the little rotunda), you'll see a small sign that says "Boracay Sands Spa". You won't have a hard time finding it. It's right along the main road and across McDonalds and Petron. In any case, you can contact 0917-4970640 or 0933-4757605 if you have any queries or concerns. The staff are more than willing to help. :)
I tried out their Full Body Massage, which is really a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai Massage. All you have to do is lay there and let all your worries melt away. I even drifted off to a nice nap during the treatment. It was THAT relaxing! They use a non-scented massage oil, so you won't have to worry about reeking of perfumed oils after the massage. The entire place was clean and definitely serene. The therapists were helpful and courteous. Plus, after your session, you can opt to have a warm cup of tea and a hot towel for further stress relief. That's not all they offer, they also have:

  • Chinese Ventusa
  • Boracay Hot Back Therapy
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Skin Whitening
  • Body Sands Scrub
  • Hair spa
  • Foot spa
  • Hand spa
  • Cranio sacral
  • Foot reflex
  • Kiddie Massage
When you purchase a membership card, you are entitled to a free full body massage and lots of other goodies, including lower rates of all the services. For example, a full body massage costs Php 249 (9 AM to 4 PM, and Php 299 from 4 PM onwards) for non-members and Php 149 for members (9AM to 4PM only; otherwise, it's priced at Php 199). That's a lot of savings! Plus, the card is transferable so your entire family or barkada can take advantage of their perks! There are packages and sets of services you can opt to have for a great steal, as well. There's definitely a treatment to cater to your every need, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg (pun intended). ;)

Take a look inside their Santo Tomas, Batangas branch. (photos courtesy of my friend, Chammy)

Their reception area. You can instantly scan the services and prices, including the packages and special offerings right here!
Guest seating area. You relax while you wait. :)
The view from the inside. Talk about cozy!
I feel like I'm in Boracay! Just the retreat I need!
They have 6 private "villas" to accommodate guests. Privacy and security is guaranteed.
Zen decor everywhere. Definitely felt at ease and completely at peace during my visit.
If you happen to be anywhere in Batangas or Laguna, I definitely recommend checking both places out. Great eats at Faustina's and the ultimate relaxation at Boracay Sands Spa. Two thumbs up! No, wait! Make that four! ;)
I'm one happy customer! That's me to the right, and that's Chammy beside me. :)
More on the (mis)adventures later!

SGT <3

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