Human Nature Series: Citronella Bug Spray

Tired of being bitten by pesky mosquitoes and other insects? Find the scent of commercial insect repellents absolutely repulsive and prices too much? Looking for the next best alternative? Human Nature has just the thing for you.

I found this Citronella Bug Spray  on their website a little while back, before my trip to Zamboanga. My lola has just moved to a new house further upstate, but still within the city, and the place has just been recently developed. I figured, I wouldn't want to catch Dengue along the way, so I tried the bug spray. Also, there seemed to be an unannounced conference of mosquitoes in our garage and in random parts of our home and I was getting sick of getting itchy, red bumps all over.

For Php 99.75 (around $2.50), you can get a 50mL bottle.

Now, on to the good (?) stuff...

I like this product for one major reason: it keeps the darn bugs away. Here's what Human Nature has to say about this bug spray. (from their site)

Our 100% natural bug spray effectively protects you from disease-causing mosquitoes and pesky bugs without the nasty effects of toxic chemicals. Includes organic virgin coconut oil (VCO), known for its skin-healing, moisturizing and anti-microbial benefits. It also contains organic citronella oil, a well known insect repellent, organic lemongrass, essential oil together with rosemary and lavender essential oils give off a pleasant smell that’s good for you but bad for the mozzies and bugs! Suitable for very young children!

There you go! It has no DEET, a chemical ingredient in most insect repellents. This toxic chemical cannot be used by babies and young children and poses serious health risks. It also has no parabens or preservatives, only natural goodness that Mother Nature has to offer. The bugs will surely hate you but your skin will thank you for it!

To use it, just pump the product out and apply as you would your lotion, making sure not to miss a spot. You won't need a lot, only about six pumps and you're good to go! The scent is a bit strong. You might not want to use this when you have to attend social events, go malling, or partying with your friends. I find the smell quite pleasant, but other people seem to react aversely to it, so use to your discretion. It's not much of a spray as it is an oil. When you apply it, it will leave an oily film on your skin but will evaporate after a long while. It's a little greasy but the protection from dangerous health risks make it all the more tolerable and worth all the con's. Scent and feel aside, this baby is definitely a must-have  especially if you're keen on staying healthy and dengue-free. (and protected from other mosquito-borne diseases)

What's your favorite insect repellent?

SGT <3

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