Speeding Off

Late this afternoon, a couple of people swung by our house to check out Chad, my old friend-slash-car. We've been hoping to sell Chad for practical reasons. First, we have not a lot of space in the house, having him parked outside, for the elements to get to him, won't be pretty and will possibly damage him in the long run. His paint's starting to flake already due to the heat and extreme sunlight. His engine's still good, I can even bring him to LB and back with no problem at all. The air conditioning unit's stronger than ever, and we've had to do very minimal repairs (i.e. renew the window tint, repair the doors from damage due to a car accident, replace the radiator with a new one). In short, Chad's still alive and kicking, very much up and running despite its 15 years of existence. Second, I'll be leaving for Myanmar sooner or later and we won't have much use for the two cars. (This is why I specifically asked my parents not to buy me a new one but they insisted.) I can't bring the cars there with me. Someone here will have to drive them, take care of them, and look after both cars, which is practically impossible since my dad is leaving for work abroad too.

I don't know why it's so hard for me to let go. We haven't sold him yet but it's so tough for me to see his potential future owners getting a feel of my old pal. Suddenly, all the memories came to me. We've had a good 5-year run together, Chad and I. We've been through hell and back. He helped me become the responsible driver and person that I am now. And without him, college sure would have been a hell lot harder. I never knew I could be this sentimental until I saw the possibility of something so dear and close to my heart just slipping through my fingers, right before my very eyes. The possibility of losing Chad is much too painful for me to swallow and comprehend. No matter how much I keep telling myself that it's impractical to keep him around, he'll just rot... I just can't seem to convince myself of all the good sides to the situation.

All  I hope for now is that Chad goes to a good home, with nice people to love him and take care of him, as much as we did, even more. He's been a solid part of our life as a family, and of me as a person and it's definitely not easy seeing him go. For now, I shall enjoy the rest of my days with my trusty 1997 Honda City, for as long and as much as possible. At the end of the day, I have to face reality. He's gonna have to go one way or another; I might as well brace myself for what's to come.

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