Hot Fuss: All That Clutter

I'm sure many of you love shoes. Who doesn't? I know I do! It's the perfect way to complete your outfit and it can take your getup from day to night, from casual to chic, just by changing styles and heights. They're must-have investments and staples in every stylish girl-on-a-budget's closet!

In this economy, expensive shoes are such luxuries that us girls cannot simply afford all the time. Don't fret! There are a few good brands that offer fair prices and quality products that can very well compete with more high-end and more expensive contenders in the market. One of those brands is called All That Clutter, owned by sisters Mirra and Pia Reyes. With a little over Php 1000 from Ria and a little savings from Mirra, the two thought of investing in a business that will not only sell beautiful things to lovely girls everywhere, but will also help their different advocacies - one of them being an enterprise that is fair and just and being a company that cares.

They noticed that a lot of (online) sellers seem to put off-the-charts prices on items that actually cost way less than they publicize, when you can get the same thing for much less somewhere else. That's how they started. They wanted their buyers to feel that they're not cheated into buying things that are way too expensive for its actual market value; not only that, they also wanted to contribute to society by donating a portion of their earnings to notable causes such as disaster relief and the like. All That Clutter sees to it that their clients get quality shoes and clothes that are 100% new and of course, are undeniably stylish to fit their fashion needs!

Here are some of their adorable and stylish garbs that are up for grabs!

Red-hot booties are sure to fire up your otherwise usual black ensemble!
Wild, wild west! Give cowboy boots a run for their money and do it in style!
Feeling funky in the office? Throw these on and you're on your way to rocking business glam!
They also have tops that are sheer genius and cute too! ;)

Perfect for a night-out with friends! Dare to bare, babe!
Let out your wild side! Life is too short to play it safe. ;)
They have so much more to offer! Check out their site and you might just see something for you. You will not only help them, you will also help the country by sharing some of the proceeds to charity. Now that's a social enterprise worth supporting. If there's anything I love about online shopping, it's getting more bang for my buck! Why not be fab and philanthropic at the same time, right? Do good, look good!

I give All That Clutter a 2-thumbs up! :)

SGT <3


  1. love the shoes.xx


  2. Thanks, Alina! You might want to check out the shop! :)