Bespectacled Babe

For the past two or three years, I've been wearing glasses. All those late nights of reading, studying, and slaving over homework, projects, and papers, as well as Facebook-ing, took their toll on my sorry eyes. So now, after  a never-ending case of Astigmatism, slightly blurred vision (forgot my grade, sorry), and after wearing these babies (which are supposedly meant to correct my eyesight situation but never really happens since I don't exactly wear them all the time) for years, I have come to the conclusion that I need new ones.

I had just finished my medical examination procedure and the ophthalmologist noticed that my sight got worse since the last time I had my glasses made. She recommended I wear them all the time (wish me luck!) and to have them checked again by the optometrist as I may need to get updated ones.

My new job in Myanmar will require me to be in front of the computer for long hours, 6 days a week. These old spectacles just won't survive that much trauma. So I've been thinking if it's better to have the lens replaced, or if I should make the switch to contact lenses. Side note: I've never tried wearing contacts before and I'm terrified that if I don't wear them correctly or if they somehow stray from their original position, that I'll go blind. :|

Here's what I look like with four eyes:

I apologize for the lack of makeup. I just took my "mask" off. I do that as soon as I get home after a long day out and about. 

My occasional buddy. I'm so lazy! Can't seem to keep these on for a long time. I get sick of wearing it after a while, hence, the question of whether it's time to shift to contact lenses or not.

The quintessential dorky pose. :))
What do you think? Does SheGoesThrifty look better with glasses or are contact lenses worth a try? Tell me what you like and dislike the most about glasses and contact lenses. ;)

SGT <3


  1. definitely go for glasses. lenses need to be replaced ideally every 3-6 months. hassle masyado. :x

  2. Maybe not for everyday use? Then again, parang obstacle kasi ang glasses. :)) It's like there's a wall in between my eyes and the world. :))

  3. I wear glasses most of the time even though I have perfect eyesight! Haha! Ok, maybe not so perfect pala. Hahaha. I just like having glasses especially in the morning since mine has transitions lenses. Gusto ko lang talaga yung nerdy look. :P

    1. Sanayan lang siguro? Sobrang pasaway kasi ako. I have to wear the glasses (ideally) para ma-correct yung astigmatism, but I never do, so it never gets better. :| I'll try to wear 'em from hereon now. :))And yes, may instant pogi points ang "smart vibe" mo pag may glasses ka eh. :p Ano bang grado ng eyes mo, Ate Steffi?