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I've been trying to run away from my computer, so much so that I had to find an excuse to get out of the house. Since I seemed to have another boring day at home on my to-do list, I figured, why not run a few errands and check out The Body Shop's 60-Minute Sale, and enjoy myself at the mall while I'm there.

First things, first, I had my picture taken for my visa application. Then, I ran to The Body Shop downstairs to check out what the sale was all about. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to be taken inside the store and I wasn't able to buy anything because I was too pissed that I can't shoot pictures to share with you all.  *insert sad face here*

Afterwards, I headed off to Etude House to cool off and to scour their racks for a solution to my pimples and for things to pack for Myanmar. I ended up buying their Lemon Tea Cleansing Foam (I already tried their Aloe Vera variant and I loved it!), which  according to the friendly saleslady, is very good for my combination skin as it is most effective in keeping the shine at bay. Given the humid weather in Myanmar, an oil-control cleanser that's gentle enough for everyday use is just about what I need.

I also jumped for joy when I got hold of their Styling Eyeliner in 01 (Black), a retractable liner that's perfect for tight-lining and filling in those hard-to-reach corners. It's definitely a steal at Php 128 (~ $3), don't you think? (I'll write separate entries for today's purchases later on.)

After a long while at Etude House, Chammy (my friend) met up with me. We had lunch at Pizza Hut (bye, bye, diet!)

What's for lunch: two solo-sized pizzas, a plate of Ceasar's salad, a bowl of cream of mushroom soup
(sans the croutons; I hate croutons!), a plate of carbonara, and two iced teas. Carbo-loading, definitely!
We sure did not waste time to burn what we just consumed. After I claimed my passport-sized portraits, we headed off to the bank so Chammy can do her thing and I slid off to the bookstore next door (I swear, I can live inside a library and/or a bookstore happily). Got myself a Vapur foldable water container in pink and a pink case for my makeup brushes.

We decided to meet up at the department store where nothing much really happened. We just looked around, hoping to spot a good bargain and take home new things to call ours... only we both were in a tight financial situation. It's fun to window-shop, nevertheless. I was looking for the perfect red lipstick. Chammy suggested I try out Maybelline. I was never a big fan of lipsticks, especially red ones , but with the workplace situation rearing its head in the horizon, I may have to adjust my preferences in order to "grow up" and try new things. After spotting the perfect shade, I was told that they had no more stocks of that particular hue. I was devastated. And to think that its price had been slashed down from Php 299 to Php 249! Good thing, Watsons had one last tube of the Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Summer Sunset! I did not hesitate and grabbed the sole tube on the shelf. It's a really deep red. I love that it's not too bright and perky, just the right shade to suit my skin color and personal preference. (I'll write a separate entry for this one too!)

That's me wearing the Maybelline lipstick in Summer Sunset. Bagay ba? :)
I have always been scared of donning red lipstick.
It's like I never had the guts to wear this truly outstanding and second-look-worthy color. 
After a long day of walking around and window-shopping, Chammy and I decided to rest and have a snack at Dunkin' Donuts, where she ate a pizza pocket (from a stall somewhere), a bavarian-filled donut (another flavor I cannot seem to agree with), and iced coffee; while I had a medium cup of Summer smoothie (forgot the flavor combination) from Fruitas.

So happy togetheeerrrr!
There's just never a dull moment with these two-peas-in-a-pod!
Stolen shoooot! :p
... and of course, there's the obligatory outfit post!

Purple top from Encore, Random leggings, TOMS sneakers,
Multi-strand bangle from Thailand, New York & Co. necklace 
What's your favorite bum-day escape? :)

SGT <3

P.S. All the photos in this entry are owned by She Goes Thrifty. Please ask for my permission when intending to use these photos elsewhere. Thank you. :)

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