Sisters for Life

In the spirit of my departure to another land, I invited my high school pals over for a small get-together at my house, where I cooked Chunky Tomato with Basil, Tuna, and Mushroom pasta and my mom made lumpia, siomai, kaldereta, and fried chicken.

Most of my closest friends in high school were my classmates since the first grade! It really pays off to have studied in one school for 10 years. I got to keep a solid set of sisters and nothing much has changed over the years, well, except for our different career paths. But other than that, we're basically the same old crazy-ass girls who kicked and fought our way through elementary and high school life together. :)

I haven't seen them in a looong time. I've been busy with theater, with juggling two organizations, with school and graduation, and with everything in between! It's crazy! I always miss out on occasions and celebrations! Good thing they were all free for dinner last night! Unfortunately, we were not complete, but in any case, here's a run-down of what went down in La Hacienda Saavedra last night. ;) (credits to Felice Salido for the photos)
Yup, that's me right there. I was a siopao with bangs!
An attempt to mock the duck face/pout. That's Paul by the way, Clara's boyfriend, on the right-most side. Such a nice guy!
We're really nothing but nut-jobs and crazy daisies but aren't we all? :)
The night starts off with laughter and so much chismax!
What do you get when you have scarves lying around? THIS SHOT.
That's me, Fel, Clara, and Eis.
Warning: These girls boob-grab each other for fun. Come near us at your own risk!
This is no unusual scene when we are all in one room. We're sheer chaos waiting to happen. :)) Oh, that's Jus, Fel, Me, Clara, Kim, and Eis.
Eis is dancing the "Super Bass Dance Craze." As you can see, we all find it super hilarious!
We call this our kandidata pose. 
Friends like these are priceless. You can't buy genuine souls that will stick with you even after parting ways for four years (college) and still laugh with you as if no time had gone by since you last hung out. :)
And of course, there's the quintessential chocolate cake... but we were all too full from dinner that we only consumed half an entire roll.
That's Chammy, my best friend, between Clang and Fel, and that's Jaha, Justine's boyfriend. We had more chit-chats and catching up over Tanduay Ice.
Chammy was late. She had just come from work, from the spa I've written about HERE . Make sure to check out a Boracay Sands Spa near you! (preferably the Santo Tomas, Batangas branch! Teehee!
Good friends + great food + alcohol = recipe for disaster ONE HELL OF A GOOD NIGHT! I'm definitely going to miss these girls! 

 I was never the barkada  type since high school. I was friends with a lot of people but I enjoyed the company of only a few close pals and I'd rather keep it that way. I'm so blessed for having these wonderful people in my life. They're always supportive and caring. You know you can run to them when life is much too cruel to handle. We always have each other's backs. There is no need for competition and definitely no pretenses. We all shine in our own special way and we let each other add a whole new color into our own lives. It's like there's really something for everyone. They're the most genuinely nicest set of friends I know and I wouldn't have them any other way.

Thank you, girls! Thank you for being there all these years. If there's anything I know with much certainty, it's this -- we're not just friends, we're sisters for life. :)

SGT <3

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