Fleurs en Violet et Gris

Sorry I've been really lazy about updating She Goes Thrifty! I promise to come back with a vengeance. I'm just on the lookout for the next topic of discussion... Or maybe I'm just too lazy to do anything. Anyway, I've been preoccupied with studying for my job... so that pretty much keeps me busy right now. But not to worry, She Goes Thrifty will not be gone for good. I will try to come up with a really good post so all the wait will be worth it. ;)

In other news, I'm watching Sipat Lawin Ensemble's "Battalia Royale" tomorrow with a former classmate from Tanghalang Pilipino. Expect to see a photo-blog of what will go down during the play, possibly an outfit post, and definitely my thoughts on the performance. Can't wait!

Anyway, for now, here's an outfit post. This one's taken yesterday at Paseo, here in Santa Rosa. We dropped by Honda and went straight to the nearby pasyalan to scour the bookstore racks (yes, I'm such a nerd) and to have lunch with my mom. I think I slept too late and woke up way too early. This explains my sleepy vibe. Soooo, this dress, I got for Php 80 during one of my vintage-shopping sprees. I love that it's super comfortable and laid-back, yet it gives me a girly feel without the pressure. I paired it with my silver Crocs, a Php 50 belt, a bag from Zamboanga (in batik print | sorry, you can't see the bag in this picture), and a couple more silver accents. Hope you like it! :)

Yeah, yeah. I've been gaining weight.
This is what I get for not really doing much (except for studying) at home.
Gotta get back on that yoga mat... and SOON!

Thank you, Mom! She was kind enough to take my picture.
We were window-shopping in Paseo. So many pretty things, so little money!
And so little desire to splurge!

Quite frankly, I'd rather go vintage-shopping than splurge on a piece of clothing with the thinnest material. I can probably find better ones for way less. I'm such a cheapskate! Ha ha! But no, I'd rather think of myself as being "practical" and "money-savvy." I'm not saying that rewarding yourself with nice things once in a while is bad, it's actually the opposite! So, the next time you feel the itch to shop, but don't really NEED a new ensemble for like a special occasion or something, try a little ukay. Remember my ukay shopping tips? Check it out HERE.

SGT <3


  1. I like your dress! i wish i'm good at ukay shopping :)

    btw, hope you can join my blog's bday giveaway :)

  2. Hi, Hazel! Thank you! Oh, thrift shopping just takes a lot of practice, patience, and sanitizer to get you through. I'm sure you'll find thrift shopping a breeze in no time. ;)

    I'll make sure to follow you via Google Friend Connect!

  3. ** Woops! You're on Tumblr pala. I followed you nevertheless. If you can, please follow me back via Bloglovin'. Thanks, love! :)