Happy Saturday, loves! How's your weekend so far? Mine's been pretty busy! It actually started last Thursday when I watched Sipat Lawin Ensemble's Battalia Royale in Cubao with my Tanghalang Pilipino classmate and friend, Agnes. I was lucky enough to score a slot in the guest list to watch their technical dress rehearsal, or as we lovingly call it in theater, the TDR. I also ran into my friend Kiko Miranda who was part of the cast where he played Lakhi Yoo. I'll write all about the play and show you some of the action in a separate post.

After the show, Agnes and I trooped to Cubao to grab a late dinner and a few rounds of drinks at Uncle Cheffy (side note: Try their East Meets West pizza and Mojito!). We met up with Aerol and Tootoots (friends from Dakila) for more drinks in Cubao Expo.

Then the next day, I travelled halfway across Luzon to Los Banos to get my transcript and meet up with a few friends as well. It was fruitful, to say the least. ;)

Anyway, so here we are now, and today we went to Cavite to visit a few family friends from Bacolod. We were served empanada (yum!), iced tea, laing (my favorite!), rice, palabok, and fried fish. It really pays to sit down  and have a few laughs while eating. It makes the meal that much more enjoyable, even if you only have bagoong for viand. Also, I learned a lot of tips and tricks in terms of beauty and other practical advice from an Occupational Therapy professor from DLSU Manila. The house owner's husband was from UP and he was telling us about his time at his fraternity. It made me want to join a sorority again. Okay, maybe in grad school.

Also, I had the chance to pet and play with cats! I love cats but my mom won't let me take care of one because  she has allergies. You should really meet Darky, a fat, lazy, and vain kitty cat. He loves posing for pictures!

Here's a visual run-down of today's events:

Inside-the-car-with-nothing-much-to-do shot.

Who says you can't wear black on a summer day?
Random top, Multi-layered electric-pleated skirt (Php80/$2),
 Happy Feet bakya (got these on sale for Php750), Creato bag (Php150/$4)

I have big feet. And they are happy. :)

Meet Dougar (meaning: duling na Garfield). He walks with a limp and has epileptic episodes. Poor baby.

Ang saya-saya lang ni Mommy!
Forgot to ask for his name! He's the well-informed professor who we're very happy to meet!
Lunch is ready!
Laing! My fave!

The prettiest girls are the happiest girls!

Lola Cil. She's a really joyful person. I admire her dedication to her Catholic faith.

And then there's Darky. See? Told you he's fierce! ;)
I'm sorry I can't write decently right now. These past few days have been really hectic! I always come home just wanting to crawl into bed and stay there. I'll make it up to you, I promise! ;)

SGT <3

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