Forever 21 Friday Sale

As many of you may know, this weekend is jam-packed with sales! It's the payday weekend and stores just can't NOT host sales as consumers will surely flood the malls to spend their hard-earned money. I was in SM Makati today with my good friends Justine Caballero and Mirra Reyes. We checked out the Forever 21 sale and boy, was it CRAZY! I got there a little around 11 AM and the line was so long, my eyes can barely keep up! They chopped 50% off on a great selection of items (other items were either regular-priced or 20% off). Any girl on a budget simply cannot resist a discount like that. I know I can't! It's a good thing my graduation dress cost only 1/5 of our projected budget so I had left-over moolah to get whatever my heart desires (I know it's not typical of She Goes Thrifty to splurge but this is a SALE! I repeat, a SALE!). With a little over Php 2000 in hand, I was able to take home three dresses a pair of rose-colored shades, and 6 sets of nail files.

It was also a good thing that I had friends to help me comb through every rack and help me decide which items to get. If it were up to me, my inner cheapskate would probably skip over a couple of irresistible deals, but with my friends' help, I was able to finally get those clothes I've been dying to have in my closet.

Here are a few tips when going to a Forever 21 sale (or any other sale for that matter):

  • Come early! So you'll get first dibs and an advantage in the line for the cashier as well as the dressing room. Shopping in crowd-infested sales takes a lot of time. Allot time for your shopping.
  • Pack light. Bring a small messenger bag, if possible. Lugging around a heavy bag in one shoulder will definitely take its toll on you.
  • Wear comfortable and battle-worthy clothes. Honestly, wearing heels in intense shopping sprees will get you nowhere. It's better to wear flip-flops, sandals, or any pair of comfy flats.You're going head-to-head with TONS of other shoppers. Breaking a sweat is definitely an understatement.
  • Bring cash. You never know if your card will get denied, so it's always better to be prepared for when that happens.
  • Check your budget. You can grab anything you see but sift through your items later on, before paying for them. You don't want to spend on a lot of things you won't need and things that are way out of your budget. It's impractical to grab that neon-striped tee when you actually need formal or office wear... Which brings me to...
  • Think twice or better yet, thrice before purchasing an item. Consider the clothes that are already in your closet. Make sure your picks are flexible and can mix-and-match with a whole lot of your other owned pieces. Clothes are investments. Stretch your wardrobe and your investment will definitely go far. 
  • Check the items for damages. Loose threads, holes, tears, slits, stains, and the like are some of the things that you must definitely be on the lookout for when shopping. Chances are, people have already shifted through the racks and you have to make sure that you're still getting top-quality stuff even though you're paying for them for a fraction of the original cost.
  • Bring a friend. You're going to need their input in your picks. Plus, you can count on them to wait in line for you while you exchange that dress for a bigger or smaller size.
  • Have lots of patience. People, especially Filipinos, cannot resist a good sale. Expect very little elbow room. At the end of the day, all the crowdedness is worth it once you get that buy you've been eye-ing for the past few weeks... 50% off!
  • Just enjoy the whole experience! Shopping is such a liberating experience. Let your hair down and make the most out of your shopping pilgrimage!
Check out my picks:

There's always that semi-obligatory outfit post.
Wear comfortable clothes when you intend to go to a sale like this.
Black top from Get Laud
Tawny belt, Thrifted
Gypsy skirt from Mom
Gold Flash flip-flops from Havaianas
Watch from Swiss Army

Got these for 20 pesos, I think. I love turquoise accessories!
They're so versatile and have that instant boho vibe!
Keep It Simple, Stupid! (KISS)
Let statement pieces like these speak for themselves.

With my preschool buddy, Jaja. :)

Thanks a lot, girls! <3

Skirt from Landmark, Php 179 (originally priced at Php 199, but had 10% off!)
Saw a similar skirt in Forever 21 for around Php 400.
If you can't handle more high-end items from retails stores like Forever 21 at the moment, it's alright to browse through their immense store and get inspiration. Then you can go out and look for more affordable alternatives, whether it be in your trusty department stores (check out Landmark - there is a wide selection of clothes for every occasion, need, and style - sans the hefty price tag, of course) or in ukay or thrift shops

Just carry your clothes with confidence and who would know and care about the brand? It's all in the attitude!

The Forever 21 sweetheart dress I was seriously doubting if I should get.
Eventually, I gave in. Thanks to Mirra's encouragement!
Original Price: Php 1175
Sale Price: Php 587.50
I love that this dress hugs me in all the right places!
Check out the interesting cut!

There's the sexy back! See, I don't really wear revealing clothes so this
one really takes the cake for me. As they say, "No guts, no glory!"

Forever 21 Cap-sleeved dress for the office (belt included)
Original Price: Php 1025
Sale Price: Php 512.50

Proper enough for the office, yet playful enough for a late-night
dinner out on the town with friends!
The belt adds that cinch to my waist.
For bigger girls like myself, this really helps create the illusion
of shape and helps enhance my curves.

                                                     A rust-colored shirt-dress from Forever 21
                                                   Original Price: Php 1025
                                                   Sale Price: Php 512.50

The interesting embroidery detail really caught my eye.
It's too sheer to be worn on its own.
A pair of skinnies will help complement this piece.
Stocking up on nail files!
Rose-colored aviator shades.
Price: Php 225
What did you think of my picks?

If you have time, do swing by Forever 21 SM Makati and check out their 50% off sale! You have until Sunday to get those hard-earned bucks rolling! Treat yourself to something nice! You will not only feel great (because shopping really is therapeutic!), you will also invest in quality clothes and items that will last you a long time. It's nice to feel like you've earned something, right? Well, this sale might just be your great reward! Go ahead, spoil yourself a little! ;)

SGT <3

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