Books on a Budget!

I've been giving you tips on how to save up on fashion and beauty, but there are so much more I haven't shared! One of those things I would love to tell you about is books! I love books! Ever since I was a little girl, I would always have one in my hands. My folks would always catch me reading just about anything, from pamphlets they give out at the grocery store, to grocery lists, to magazines, and yes, to books! I was blessed to have parents who supported my vice for literature at such an early age. I would read my fairy tales at night religiously. I was very eager to take down notes in class and read them again at home. While other kids preferred hitting the dirt and playing as soon as they get home, I would curl up inside my room with a new read.  My folks bought lots of books - almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. And I would look forward to reading all of them! That love for literature is something that I carried on to my adulthood. I can skimp out on fancy clothes and shoes but books are definitely on top of my list. Whenever I go to the mall, I cannot NOT visit the bookstore and browse through racks and racks of books. Even if I'm not going to buy one, just seeing them makes me happy. Of course I'd be happier if I get to take home at least one!

Now, I know some of you are thinking that books are expensive. They are! That is if you go for newly-produced ones. Of course they'll cost you. But there are alternatives to these mainstream bookstores. Second-hand bookstores are everywhere. They offer a wide selection of pre-loved books, ranging from a vast variety of topics. The good thing about these ukay book shops is that they sell books for waaaay less than what they would cost in say, Powerbooks or National Bookstore, or Fully Booked. That's because their copies are already in mint condition, but still very much readable nevertheless. 

You can find second-hand books just about anywhere. When I stayed in my aunt's condo in QC, I would go across the street to this American surplus haven in Sct. Borromeo cor. EDSA. They have books there too! 

You just need a whole lot of patience and faith that you'll come across something amazing in your treasure hunt. Keep an open mind and you'll be surprised with how much you'll save on books and on the kinds you'll be able to take home! 

I also tried book swaps. There's a guy in UPLB who sells his entire collection of books for about 30 to 80 pesos per title because he's migrating to another country and he has no place in his luggage to carry his massive collection. Ask your friends if you can do book swaps. That way, you can save up on buying new books and you can get rid of old ones which you're probably sick of reading anyway. Remember: Someone's garbage may be someone else's treasure. :)

If you don't have time to scour the streets of Metro Manila for surplus shops, perhaps you have a Booksale in your nearby town mall or you happen to pass by one on your way home, don't be afraid to check it out. They have really good titles and even better prices! Check out some of the books I got from my ukay book shopping adventures!

This is my most recent find! I got it for 55 pesos only! Can you believe it?
It's a collection of classic tales from the Brothers Grimm!

This one I got from the guy I was telling you about.
"The Great Gatsby" is such a classic. I got this for 50 pesos, I think.
Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get this book, "Star Girl" by Jerry Spinelli.
Been looking for this book forever.
One Hundred and One Famous Poems.
This one I got from the surplus shop I mentioned, in Quezon City.
It cost me 80 pesos. It's packed with classic poetry!
I'll make sure to keep you posted on my future finds! Tell me all about yours, yeah?

SGT <3

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