Good Read: The Best of Chico and Delamar (The Morning Rush Top 10)

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. The weather has been really seductively sleepy lately and so have I. Anyway, you'd be glad to know that I have a new segment for you all, especially for my fellow bookworms out there. It's called Good Read, where I'll be featuring a new book and my possibly, my take on it. Of course, all the books that will be posted in this segment are highly recommended, hence the title. If you wish to have me read a book and make my review on it, feel free to do so. My e-mail is right there, to your right.

So, anyway, lately, I've been skipping from book to book and can't exactly focus on just reading one. I've had my share of qualms and hesitation before I began reading this particular book, but thanks to my good friend, Cacai's persuasion, I gave in and borrowed this one from her.

I'm not originally a fan of RX 93.1, except for Hip 26 when they play hip-hop and RnB for 26 full hours during the weekend. And no thanks to my insomnia, I don't get up early enough to catch The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. I catch an episode every now and then when I'm up that early but I'm not exactly an avid listener.

 The cover...

What's inside... 

 What's on the back...

That's Chico and Delamar, on-air partners for 10 years!

Here's the score:

I'm not done with the entire book yet but so far, I'm really loving it! It's basically a compilation of the top 10 surveys they do on-air for their listeners to participate and chip in their answers. There are a wide range of topics from the mundane to the "green" jokes to the useful tips to the plain absurd and hilarious. It's such an easy and light read that whenever I feel bummed out, I just pick this up and I instantly get a laugh or two from all the funny hirits that are in it.

There are a lot of quotable quotes inside that can really help you through tough days or life in general. Some of the anecdotes are based on real-life experiences of listeners, which make the surveys all the more exciting and colorful! It really got me interested in trying to tune in to the show.

Reading this book is a great alternative to my usual eclectic and off-beat taste in literature. I was never a fan of popular or mainstream books but this one really takes the cake. A lot of times, I can relate to the responses that's why this book has got a hold on me. It just reels you in and makes you realize that you are not alone or that whenever you feel like crap, people are having it worse somewhere else. 

I am reminded that life is too short to be taken seriously and that sometimes, it pays to step out of our comfort zone. Every now and then, we should give credit to the things that we usually surpass and snub and that perhaps that one thing that we fail to acknowledge will eventually give us the lift we need, even by just putting a smile on our face or getting a laugh out of our stringent souls every now and then.

This book is recommended for all of you who are looking for a pick-me-up. For Php175, this book can potentially save you from the insanity and stress of daily life. I think it's available in National Bookstore, Booksale, and other book retailers. Check in your nearby store to be sure. :)

SGT <3

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