The Doctor Will See You Now

Despite my body's strong desire to stay in bed, I had to go to the doctor at my Mom's office in Ortigas to get my flu shot. Side note: I had become quite sickly when I entered college. I'm an easy target come flu season. So yeah, I need that extra line of defense just so the broncho-pneumonia fiasco a few years back won't happen again.

After my injection, Mom and I went to Greenhills to look around for possible options for my graduation ball dress. Yes. My Mom is actually more excited about this whole graduation business than I am. I'm not quite sure and please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first grad ball that UPLB will be hosting for, well, its graduates. If not, I still feel very honored and would gladly attend. Oh, and I got the dress. You'll just have to wait and see what I'll be wearing on the eve of April 20. ;)

As for today's outfit, I was too lazy to dress up and decided to wear one of my favorite batik shirts from Zamboanga, my new favorite jeans (they make my legs look leaner!), new wedges, and some random accessories I just threw on the last minute. Here you go! :)

Very light makeup today.
Purple and pink, for some color on my otherwiseblah color scheme.
I got these peacock earrings from Gateway in Cubao for Php 80 / $2, about two years ago. :)
Link watch from Team Manila Mall of Asia. (Php800/$20)
... Which reminds me that I need to get more of these cutesy things!
Sadly, I had to have this one fixed about five times. The lock keeps giving up on me.
Oriental Bangles from Quiapo
Lucky Charm from Dad <3
Black patent wedges from Marikina Shoe Exchange

 Support local products and industries! Plus, Marikina shoes are notorious for being super durable. By purchasing from our fellow Filipinos, we not only strengthen their livelihood, we also save up on costly taxes and other surcharges from the shipping and whatnot, and we help nature by reducing our carbon footprint (with less traveling involved in shipping the products, less energy consumed, and less pollution produced, i.e. imported ones from other countries)!

Jeans are from Forever 21. They're my new favorite pair! I bought this a few months back, just after Junto Al Pasig, my last production, where I lost almost 20 lbs. Surprisingly, it still fits me like a dream! I must have been overreacting to my weight gain. But still, I intend to reach 125 lbs. in time for graduation! Wish me luck!

Taken inside an uber clean restroom in Greenhills.
I hope every restroom in the Philippines is THIS clean! :D

 That's all for now! ;)

SGT <3


  1. nice top i love how you match your top to your jeans!! =)


  2. P.S. Special thanks to my Mom for taking these pictures for me! <3