She Goes Thrifty is on Pinterest!

Hello, friends! So after 198349837810107081754821 years, I'm finally on Pinterest! I just started tonight and let me tell you, it's so addicting! It's kind of like Tumblr but you can also pin other sites and stuff outside the main Pinterest page. Many websites and pages have the Pinterest button now so "bookmarking" cool and interesting things is not a hassle! The only glitch about it though is that you have to be invited to join. You can link your page straight to your Facebook so you automatically follow your Facebook friends once you get there.

Also, you can pick certain topics you might be interested in and Pinterest will suggest sites for you to follow. There are like ideas for interior design, fashion, food, photos of pets, of travel spots, and so much more! It's like the idea board our teachers used to have us make in school... only it's online and you can share it with your friends! It's really cool! Anyway, if you're already there or you want to be followed or you want to follow me, just knock on my Pinterest door.


  1. Hey I am on Pinterest too :)and Its fun!

    1. Hi, Minnie! Thanks for following! I'll make sure to follow you right back! Have a great day! :)

      Oh, and yes, it is fun!