All Set for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, peeking its perky head. What better way to start off a road trip to Zambales than to rock a tribal print-slash-bohemian-inspired ensemble?

Lady Hathaway top, Pashmina scar from Zamboanga, Thrifted tribal-print skirt,
Bangles, Patent leather bracelet, Turquoise ring, Gold Havaianas flash, Mocha belt

See the brown multi-strand bracelet? To open it, you must insert a key into the heart. Unfortunately, when I was too tired of wearing accessories and when I wanted to take it off, I found that I had lost its key, therefore, I cannot open it. I tried using other keys and sharp objects (out of desperation and panic) but to no avail. We had to cut it and it died a slow and painful death. Bye-bye, pretty thing. :(

Tales about our Zambales trip will follow. This is all for now. :D
SGT <3

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