Hot Fuss: Lay Bare

It's summer time once more and it calls for a carefree vibe! That includes being hair-free down there (just in case you intend to let that bikini see the sun this summer.) I have been holding off going to the waxing salon for many reasons. One, it might hurt like crazy. Two, it's really embarrassing to let someone else see my well, vajay. Oh, and three, I never really had the guts to wear a bikini before. I was never really new to waxing (I wax my underarms all the time) but this one's different, of course.

After an extensive amount of research on the matter, I decided to go through with it. I went to Lay Bare Waxing Salon in Robinson's Galleria. There are a few tips that can help you if you're having a bikini wax done for the first time.

  • Set an appointment. They prioritize appointments over walk-in clients, especially during peak days like in the summer.
  • Wear loose or comfortable clothing. I wore a skirt to my appointment.
  • Take an Advil (or other pain relievers) at least 20 minutes before the session. This will lessen the pain somehow.
  • Don't take anything with caffeine (i.e. coffee, tea) beforehand. It will heighten your sensitivity to pain.
  • Bring spare underwear.
  • Put on your big girl pants and just do it!

When I got to Lay Bare, I was just a few minutes behind my supposed appointment (the mall opened way too late), but thankfully I set one. The day was already full and they did not accommodate any walk-in clients. My technician's name was Liz. You might want to ask for her when you happen to swing by their Galleria branch. She's very friendly and reassuring, oh, and very professional too. I told her it's my first  time and that I'm really nervous. She told me to relax and that it won't hurt as much as I think it would. I got into the cubicle. It was really small, only a tiny bed, a few inches of walking space, a full-length mirror, and a couple of supplies in a tray were in it. I examined the place and it was pretty clean. Ate Liz had me take off my skivvies and lay down while she prepared the wax. They use cold wax - which is made up of sugar, honey, and calamansi. You won't have to worry about scalding your skin and irritation.

I told Ate Liz I wanted a bikini wax. What it means is that she'll only be taking off hair from the bikini line but still save some in the inner portion of the vajay. Unlike the brazilian wax, where everything is taken off (even the hair in the buttocks and anus area!), a bikini wax doesn't hurt that much. It is suggested for waxing virgins that they go for the bikini wax on their first session and if they're ready after a couple more appointments, they can go on to getting a brazilian.

The technician made me sit on a sheet of gray paper (to catch the debris). She trimmed a the entire area first and went on the waxing portion.The first few pulls weren't so bad; however, when she got to the inner cheeks, it stung a little and I shrieked a bit. She yanked it off quickly so as not to prolong the agony and applied pressure on the area by lightly tapping afterwards to calm down the blood vessels and what not. Before I knew it, the bikini wax was done! She had me check if I was happy with it and if it was enough to fit into the bikini I was going to wear. I nodded and I was off to checkout. Lay Bare has an on-going promo. It's April and since it's my birthday month, I get a 15% discount and a free (not sure) eyebrow threading session. I was told that my eyebrows are still okay and that I can come back anytime to avail of it or go to any Lay Bare branch to claim my birthday "gift." I got myself an after-wax soothing cream as well and I had to apply it about 2 to 3 days from when I got the wax.

A few reminders post-wax:
  • Don't wet the area for 4 hours. Should you feel the need to pee, dab the area dry with tissue paper. Gently, please.
  • Avoid exposing the area to the sun in the next 24 hours.
  • Exfoliate 2 to 3 days after the wax to get rid of old, dry skin and to prevent in-grown hair.
  • Apply the soothing cream 2 to 3 days after the wax.
The day after the wax, I felt a little sting and a little itch, but it was nothing that I was really worried about. It will go away eventually. Maybe in a few more sessions, my skin will get used to the "trauma". Overall, the experience was worth it and it's definitely worth doing again. I don't think a brazilian is and ever will be for me, but then again, to each her own, right? 

How about you? Do you think you're ready for summer and is summer ready for you?

"When you see hair, it's time to lay bare." ~Lay Bare

SGT <3


  1. Kudos to your bravery! Never really had the courage to do that too! I really want to though but I'm allergic to pain relievers so I'm hella scared of the pain! :( Anyway, quick question - how many days before a trip to the beach should I get waxed down there?

    1. Thank you! If you have a pretty high tolerance for pain, you can skip the painkiller part. After all, the sting will only last for a short amount of time and subside after a while. :)

      I got the wax about a day or two before we hit the beach. It is suggested to avoid the sun for 24 hours after waxing and avoid wetting the area for the next 4 hours.

      Hope this helps! :)

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