Punch of Blue

Punch of Blue

Topshop metallic top, $45
Chloé corduroy blazer, £420
Silk skirt, €139
Vince Camuto strappy sandals, $110
Prada leather bag, £1,160
LK Designs braided jewelry, €80
Peace sign jewelry, €27
Feather earrings

I might just be wearing this ensemble very, very soon. ;)

Oh, and these are all items that are already in my closet (well, not these exact same ones but stuff that look very similar). I didn't have to buy anything. ;)

I learned something very valuable. And I keep forgetting this lesson: You don't always need to buy new clothes to put together a decent outfit. You just need to dig deep into your closet and into your creativity to make what you already have work for you. ;)

SGT <3

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  1. love all the items :D
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