SNOE Maximum Whitening Moringa Beauty Bar

Whew! That was a mouthful... and so is my review for this amazing soap from the future! Okay, maybe not from the future, but from SNOE! After my Human Nature discovery, I'm glad to come across this fountain of youth and beauty. Not only do they have prices that fit my kuripot requirements, they offer products that are of  great quality, are made of organic ingredients, have no preservatives, are cruelty-free, are locally made and really deliver on its promise! Check, check, and check!

I first got hold of SNOE's Here Comes the Sunblock! just in time for summer. After tanning, I had to get back to my original color and get rid of the pimples that started sprouting up from nowhere! Good thing I found this.

picture was from Snoe's website
According to SNOE, the Maximum Whitening Moringa Beauty Bar is/has/does:

  • Rich in vitamins A, C and E
  • Contains high level of Oleic Acid that makes skin softer and smoother
  • Has healing benefits for cuts, pimples, and scrapes
  • Daily use benefits includes young, healthy-looking and radiant skin
  • Slows down signs of skin ageing
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Gives a healthy, white glow
  • Has real malunggay leaves
After having interrogated the salesperson at their Festival Mall kiosk, I was advised that the best soap for my wounded skin (sunburn and pimples included) is this. I was actually considering taking the oatmeal variant since it goes best for sensitive skin, but I figured, this one will serve more purposes than I initially wanted. It's made from what we locally know as malunggay, those round, green leaves your mom makes you eat. It's actually known for its healing properties. 

To use the soap, what I do is cut the big block of soap into smaller, more manageable pieces so it's tipid and I will have more to use for later. I rub it with both palms until it forms a rich lather (when I use it for the face) and apply the lather onto my skin. For my body, I just use it as I would other soaps. It  is suggested that you leave it on for AT LEAST 2 minutes. Heed my warning, it will sting, especially on the first few uses, but you'll get used to it. I love that I can feel the effect right away. Rinse thoroughly.

What I like about it:
  • It dries up my pimples in about 3 consecutive uses.
  • Doesn't leave behind dark marks, unlike when I use Benzoyl Peroxide on my zits.
  • Has a mild scent.
  • Can be partitioned into smaller pieces for a more economical use.
  • Affordable (a bar costs only Php 139)
  • Readily available (check their website for store locations; you can also shop online)
  • Takes effect pretty quickly.
  • Helps whiten (it may take a while before you see drastic results)
What I dislike about it:
  • It has teeny, tiny bits of malunggay leaves. I find that kind of annoying.
  • It stings.
  • Melts pretty fast
  • The packaging is haphazardly put together.
  • Takes a while to use (2 minute waiting period before rinsing)
  • Face feels a little tight after using
Overall, I'd recommend this specific beauty bar to girls (and boys) who have tried to take their zits under control, but to much dismay. This may not be the total solution but it really helps! If you can withstand a little pain, you'll definitely benefit from its perks and gains. I suggest using tea tree oil afterwards (check out my tutorial HERE) for a more direct delivery of treatment. I have sensitive skin and mine handled this soap just fine. However, if you feel uncomfortable or begin to show irritation, stop using it at once. I love it enough to recommend it to my relatives in the US! Hope you get to try this one too. I'm looking forward to getting the Vitamin C-Enriched Calamansi Beauty Bar a whirl!

SGT <3


  1. Moringa is very famous and good brand for weight loss procedure. You can easily buy zija product from any good retailer shops.


  2. I loove Snoe! I currently use their Intense Argan Oil from the Hair Heroes line, and so far I'm loving it! When I'm done with it I'll try one of their beauty bars, probably this or the Calamansi one.

    By the way, I just followed you! Let's support each other! :)


    1. Thanks, Jemimah! Ooh that's one product I've been wanting to try! Try the calamansi one too! See which one is best for your skin. Thanks for following! Will follow you back. :)