My Kind of Superwoman

First off, happy mother's day to everyone! Please hug your wonderful mothers for me! :)

For her special day, I took mom to hear mass in Tagaytay and we had a brilliant breakfast in Mile Hi Diner. This will be a quick post. I will just share with you how we spent Mother's day this year. :)

Special roses for a special woman in my life. :)
Mommy was surprised! I gave it to her as a welcome back
gift. She just came from Boracay and Iloilo. :)
While waiting for our food. We are starving!!!
A little test shot won't hurt. ;)

Breakfast of champions! Sorry I ate meat. :))

The place was phenomenal. The view was magnificent. The food was superb. Plus, they open really early. :)

There's something about neon signs...
Mom's talking to Dad over the phone.

Thrifted dress, Artwork flats, Aldo bag
Had to rush taking pictures. It was already drizzling!
We had fun on our little trip to Tagaytay. I'm really grateful to have my mom. She's the most understanding, most compassionate, and most supportive mom in the entire world! She's always been there for me. It's like she can do anything. When it comes to her unica hija, she can walk on water and turn water into wine! She's that kind of mom! Again, I just can't thank God enough that she raised me and raised me well, if I may so myself. (teehee!) I always try to make Mother's Day special, even in a little way. This year was pretty special. I just wanted her to take her mind off all her burdens and stresses in life. I'm glad I was able to do just that. You're the queen in my heart, Mommy! :)

SGT <3

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