Batik Interlude

It's the second day of the week and I am already feeling the pressure! But I'm not complaining because I always remind myself that I'm blessed, and not stressed! ;)

So today, I was out and about in the city for my training. As I was telling you guys and girls, I landed a part-time gig. Okay, so it's a teaching post. That's all I'm gonna say. Can you imagine me as a teacher?! I can barely keep a straight face whenever I think about it, but it has to be done. I have to do my best at it because that's what I try to always do. 

I was given a set of modules to study, as well as sample Powerpoint lectures that I can pattern my lessons after. I'm still quite overwhelmed by how fast everything is going but I'm very much excited to start teaching! My demo is on Monday and I'm feeling quite nervous. I have a lot of studying to do!

I was also at my mom's office and in Robinson's Galleria (as I always am). The training ended earlier than expected so I had time to spare for a lunch date with my mom and time to do some errands on my own. I really tried my best to resist shopping but I ended up with a big bottle of cologne from Bench that I really love. I'm really into clean, fresh-out-of-the-shower scents! Teehee. Plus, I'm running out of cologne! Sometimes body sprays or perfumes are way too much, especially during erratic weather! 

Okay, enough of the rambling, here's my chosen outfit for the day:

P.S. I tinkered with Photoshop a little bit, tried to post-process and whatnot. The pictures came out different and I kind of like their cool, eccentric edge. They look so vintage. Shout-out to my mom who took these photos! <3

Dress: Custom-made
Shoes: MSE
Accessories: from Quiapo
Watch: Swiss Army
Pa-cute much? :P

I officially have the world's weirdest eyes.
Why am I banlag in this shot? T_____T
I fell in love with the print on this fabric! It screams ethnic and it
represents the heart and soul of Zamboanga culture. :)

Here's a practical tip (also, this is the story behind this dress): if you happen to see a fabric that you like, for example, you happen to visit Zamboanga and you went to shopper-happy with the batik, you can look for inspirations online and have your seamstress copy the design of your desired dress/top/pants/shorts/skirt for you. It will definitely help you save up! The production of this particular dress cost me around Php 300 (including the fabric). Had I bought it from Forever 21, this prolly would've cut me back Php 1000 or more! You can also check out the nearest fabric warehouse for one-of-a-kind fabrics that will surely produce a one-of-a-kind dress for so much less! ;)

Check out the criss-cross detail in the back!
The front is super modest and proper, but the back is where the action is!
A dress from the Forever 21 website inspired this style.

I just pulled these accessories from my display wall.
The red bracelets add the element of surprise
to the entire palette of this outfit.
Woops, bra is showing. :| Sorry about that. :P
All sun and smiles today! :)
I toned down the entire look with toffee-colored flats to let the
loud print of the dress speak for itself.
These shoes give me paltos despite its really soft material.
I've worn this pair thrice already and I still end up with
battle scars. :(

Here's to showcasing the beautiful colors of the Philippines! I love batik and I'm going back to Zamboanga (my father's hometown) for all that and more! Oh, before I go on daydreaming about beautiful things, please remind me to prepare for my teaching demo on Monday? :P

SGT <3


  1. I love this, Adj! Na-inspire ako! ^_^ But I'm gonna start muna with having some of my clothes repaired/remodeled. :) Wenah here.

    1. Glad you like it, Wenah! Oo nga, let's get creative! Been wanting to learn how to sew for the longest time! >.<

  2. i can't resist commenting....the background is soooo familiar!.....

    1. Haha! What is?! And who's this? :)

    2. ang ganda ng dress!!! :) may backless effect pala!! :P

      goodluck with your teaching gig!


    3. Thanks, Hazel! I love the surprise element of the dress too! Parang you wouldn't expect it to be that daring sa back. :P

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  4. Nice dress dear! love the print :)
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