Plain Jane

What a great weekend so far! I feel so good today! I went to a job interview and it ended well! I got a part-time gig while I sit and wait for my papers to arrive. I'm not gonna tell you guys yet. I don't wanna jinx it. :3

My mom went with me but she waited for me at the mall while the interview was going on. I met up with her with such a big grin and such great news! All I can say is that I can finally do something worthwhile for now. Plus, the money's good! Don't worry, it's not illegal, I promise. ;)

I wore something simple and did away with the excessorizing because I wanted to make a good impression. I want my credentials to shine, not my bling-bling! Haha! So yeah... OMG I'm soooo excited! I'll make kwento as soon as I finish training, I promise! ;)

Top: Thrifted
Jeans: from Bangkok
Earrings and bag: Gift from aunts
Bracelet: from Quiapo
Flats: Parisian

Got this pair on sale for Php 200 (~$4 to 5)
Hot car, hot momma! ;)

My shoes and bag match the wall, the light, and the floor! :))
How's your weekend so far? Hope you're feelin' the good vibes too! :)

SGT <3

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