Ever Bilena Mousse Matte Foundation in Walnut

This is one of my random grocery purchases. Ever Bilena products are on sale in the nearby supermarket and I cannot just let that pass without taking advantage of the price slash!

Anyway, I'm gonna get down to the nitty-gritty. I haven't found much information on the Ever Bilena website, which is unfortunate. I do a lot of my background check and review check on the product on the internet. Sadly, I think they're phasing this line out. They've already phased out the mousse concealer and the mousse eyeshadows are on sale too (for clearance purposes). If you're thinking of trying out this foundation, I suggest you run to the nearest store and get your supply now.

The packaging...
It has a plastic covering on top to ensure product safety.
The shade isn't exactly what I wanted. This one suits a cool skin tone better.
The one I was supposed to get ran out of stocks. :(

A sample swatch
Swatch on the back of my hand.
When blended
 What I like about it:

  • The price is such a steal! I got it on sale for Php 75 (less than $2) at a local supermarket
  • Widely available. Many drugstores, department stores, and groceries carry this brand.
  • It's a local brand. Support PH made!
  • Matte. My face doesn't get too oily right away, much to my surprise. But it's important to set it with powder to maximize its matte property.
  • There aren't much variety of selection available. Many shades are out of stocks already. It's kind of hard to find the shade that would best suit my skin tone.
  • Staying power: about 3 to 4 hours. I only had to retouch my nose (since I have combination skin, my T-zone is my oiliest spot in the face) once all afternoon. For a cheap (not derogatory, promise!) product, that's kind of commendable. Weather when I used this: very humid!
  • Works well as a concealer (for dark circles) too! I used it as a base to my Palladio Rice Concealer Stick and The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Tone-Correcting Concealer, and it helped cover the discoloration from my lack of sleep.
  • Doesn't clog my pores.
  • Didn't break me out (so far)
  • Doesn't irritate my sensitive skin (surprisingly)
  • Not too creamy. (can be its downside too)
  • Blends well into my skin. I had to set it with my powder so it can completely mesh with my original skin tone. I wish I had gotten one meant for warmer skin tones with yellow undertones.
  • Not heavy!
  • Build-able. It has sheer to medium coverage. If you want something for like a night event, this may not be for you. This is okay for day or light makeup.
  • You're getting a lot of bang for your buck with the amount of product that's in this thing! Sulit!
I used to have a bias against locally-produced and cosmetics but over time, local cosmetic companies seem to really amp up their products, step up to the plate, and rise up to the competition! That said, I'm still on the fence but I'm slowly dipping my toes into the possibilities and the potential that they offer. Besides, as long as we're supporting local enterprise, it counts for something, right?

What I dislike about it:
  • It has an annoying scent. It's not necessarily funky-smelling but I just don't like it.
  • The packaging. It's made of plastic. It's in a pot. (Unhygienic, unless you use disinfected hands before every dip or unless you use a foundation brush)
  • Again, the packaging. It's obviously "inspired" by Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, only this local dupe is bigger. Their copy-cat style of packaging adds to the cheap factor of their products, sorry. :(
  • It's too bulky. :(
  • It has glitters! UGH. One of my biggest con's for this product. I just want my foundation to be straight to the point, without any fuss like unnecessary shimmer. That's where the highlighter comes in!
  • Not happy with the shade match! :( What do you think? Is it close enough?
  • I actually dislike its grainy/rough consistency.

Although I cannot give a hands-down verdict to the Ever Bilena Mousse Matte Foundation in Walnut, I can honestly say that it's not a complete waste of money. It's a good transition product or something to use in-the-meantime. I don't know if I will purchase this again because I'm quite happy with my BB Cream from Etude House. I'm not really much of a foundation user anyway. But whenever I need extra coverage, I can whip this out and rely on its decent performance.

If you're still curious, I suggest you visit an Ever Bilena counter or stall and try them out yourself first and see if it sits well with you. I'm not over the moon with this product, but I'm not completely disappointed either. At Php 75, I got more than I initially expected.

Check out how it looks on me. (All shots are done in natural lighting)

  ~ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Lime from Digital Traincase
~ Maybelline VolumExpress Mascara
~ Etude House Oh M'Eyes Volume and Length Mascara
~ The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Tone Correcting Concealer in 01
~ Palladio Rice Concealer Stick

~ Myra Daily Sun Protect Moisturizer SPF 10
~ Ever Bilena Mousse Matte Foundation in Walnut

~ 17 All About Nude Summer Palette Cream Blusher

~ Forever 21 lip gloss

Please pardon the sabog hair. I haven't combed my hair yet. :))
Please pardon the messy background. :P
It's so hoooot inside the house!
The dirty kitchen/the garage seemed like the better-ventilated areas at home. :)

What's your latest cheap thrill? Have you tried this foundation yet? How was your experience? :)

SGT <3


  1. Great review!

    I really hate it when they discontinue a product I really really love.

    I didn't get the chance to try this because all the shades left have very pink undertones na. I got the one from James Cooper instead.

    1. Hi, Rae! So true! Chestnut actually suits me better. Unfortunately, they have VERY limited stocks left. And it's sad to see this product leave the shelves. :( It's actually a good buy.

      I'm gonna try the James Cooper foundation after I use up this pot. ^_^

  2. haven't tried mousse matte foundation yet! i guess i need this 'cause i have oily face! :D


    1. Hey, Hazel! Yes, hurry up though. These are going to be phased out, if I'm not mistaken. ^_^