She Goes Thrifty at Bloggers United 3 (Part 1)

Finally! I got to sit down and tell you all about my experience in my very first Bloggers United! We got there at around 12nn, and around that time, the place was pumping! It was filled to the brim, and just as we thought that there can't possibly be more chaos, we entered the main hall where the real mayhem was!

I got to meet my favorite bloggers and even scored some tips from them. Of course, I can't let the day go by without taking pictures with the fabulous bloggers and yes, you guessed it, SHOPPING! Check what I wore HERE!

This will be a photo-heavy post, please bear with me. I'd rather show you than tell you all about it! Enough of the babble, here you go! ;)

We have arrived! Thank God we scored free passes!
Me: from Bloggers United
Kach: from Death by Platforms
Therese: Gave her my ticket from Fashion Eggplant
Pink Box booth near the entrance
ETC booth. They're the media partner, if I'm not
mistaken. :)
Anagon Collection
Accessories overload!
With Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant
She's so bubbly and so pretty in person!
With Cheyser Pedregosa of The Walking Recessionista
She encouraged me to keep the blog running.
Like me, she also started out with thrifted clothes.
I think I will never get over thrift shopping. ;)

With the stunning Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale
I got a pair of shorts from their booth.
With Bjorn Bedayo of Behind Bjorn Manila
He's so funny and such a cutie! :">
With the Scenestealer herself, Lissa Kahayon
I got a gorgeous yellow top from her booth.
With the super pogi David Guison of DG Manila

Posing amid the chaos!
My top and skirt are both thrifted!

My college friend, Kach :)
Finally, Therese and I got to bond and shop!

To keep both the bloggers and shoppers entertained, they had mini-games in the program. At one point, they called for someone who was wearing a high-waist chiffon skirt. I happened to have one on! I won a lip balm from Maybelline. We had to make rampa across the stage and strike a pose. I was so exhausted from walking around and taking pictures with the bloggers but at this point, I was still up for anything! 

Melai of Style and Soul did a great job hosting! 

The Canon Ixus brand ambassadors and their "delegates" as they competed for the ultimate prize, a new Canon camera! Wow! The delegates were supposed to represent the personality of each blogger. The bloggers themselves chose their representatives in the sea of people present at the event.

(to be continued...)

SGT <3


  1. Thank you so much for supporting bloggers united (and anagon collection)! :))

    1. Thank YOU for putting up such an exciting event! 'Til the next BU! <3