Steady Saturday

Mom and I were supposed to go to a family lunch then to catch a movie, and another family dinner! Whew! We ended up grocery and window-shopping in ATC, carbo-loading (thanks to the heavenly banoffee pie from Banapple and doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!), healthy shake-gulping (finally tried Jamba Juice), and more walking around. We got tired, struggled through the traffic in Alabang and drove over to Mama Terry's house.

Oh sweet heavens! Banoffee Pie from Banapple is arguably one of the best in the metro!

Polo top: Thrifted
Shorts: from Vern and Verniece Enciso's booth at Bloggers United 3

Necklace: from Quiapo

Ring: from Quiapo
I need a manicure, stat! OMG my poor nails! :(

Bakya/Sandals: Happy Feet

Meet my perky and ever-supportive Momsy! <3

Project kung project! Gow!

 Meet our baby Rania! She's soooo pretty! Whenever we come by for a visit, I always make sure to bring her pasalubong (this time we got her Krispy Kreme doughnuts) and the kids (my stuffed toys) so her toys can play with mine. ;) She's just the sweetest!

About the outfit, I wanted something that's comfortable enough to walk around in but covers me enough to watch a movie in (Mom initially wanted to see one). We explored the new wing in ATC. Before we went to Mama Terry's, we squeezed in a prolonged trip to the grocery. We now love Makati Supermart! It seems to have it all! I got ingredients for future recipes (watch out for that) and other supplies. I grabbed a Strawberry Swirl form Jamba Juice on the way out (my very first cup!). I loved it, except the energy booster didn't seem to work. I felt sleepy about one or two hours after drinking the shake. :( But I'm definitely going back for seconds. Perhaps other flavors will appeal to me more. Any suggestions? Teehee.

That's it for my steady Saturday. How did yours go? :)

SGT <3

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