Kristine Savannah

It's such a joyous day (despite the unbearable heat), because we welcomed Kristine Savannah Jacinto, Kuya Jun's and Ate Mariz' baby girl, into the Christian world. We got the chance to witness her baptism in Sto. Sepulchro Church in Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna. A hearty lunch followed at their house, not far from the church.

I really love going to baptisms because it reminds me of the constant changes in this lifetime. It also gives me hope, reminds me that it's not to late to make a fresh start for myself and be better, and it reiterates my obligations to my faith and my God as a Catholic. Also, babies make me happy... especially the well-behaved and smiling ones. :)

I may not be Kristine Savannah's godmother, but I would really hope all the best for her. She's super mabait and I hope that she carries that with her when she grows up. I know for a fact that her parents couldn't be any more proud.

It's always nice to welcome a new member into the family. :) Her name is so pretty! I'm gonna start calling her Savvy. :3

On a completely unrelated note, after lunch, we went thrift-shopping (my mom and aunts) in Pacita. I scored 4 work-worthy staples that I can't wait to wear on my next couple of outfit posts. Oh, and did I mention, all 4 pieces only cost me Php 230 (around $5)? Neat, huh? Heed my warning though, you must exercise self-control when thrift-shopping. It's easy to go way over-budget since everything seems dirt-cheap. Remember to always ask yourself if the item is versatile and if it goes well with many of your existing clothes (to make mixing and matching easier). Go for functionality. That way, you can definitely stretch the value for every spent peso. ;)

Vanity shot. Must.
Having a brat attack, aren't we? Hehe

We visited Lolo Uweng, the founder of this very
shrine. He is said to be famous for performing miracles.
Exploring the church grounds.
I don't know if you're superstitious, but in our family, we believe that when it's your first time inside a particular church, you have to make a wish. And add to that Lolo Uweng who also is said to grant wishes. Hmm. I'm really hoping and praying for good news to come my way very soon. Fingers crossed! ;)

With our big baby, Rania!
Me and Savvy! <3
She's super mabait! She just sat there and didn't even cry.

Do I look awkward holding Savvy? LOL. Being an only child has its downsides. I didn't have a smaller sibling to play with or confide with. I just make up for lost time with my baby cousins and inaanaks!

Top: from my friend Baby's closet :P
Shoes: Parisian
Accessories: from Quiapo
Watch: Swiss Military

For my outfit, I had to wear something church- and weather-appropriate! Glad this dress I got from a friend, from one of our clothing exchange escapades, still fit me! Ugh, I hate how my arms look now. They used to be toned and tight, though not skinny, because I did push-ups relentlessly everyday! Maybe it's time I get to working out SERIOUSLY again. :))

This Sunday really taught me the value of second chances -- in life, in redemption, in fashion, even. Not everyone gets it, not everyone deserves it... but we are given the rare opportunity to have a second lease on things, why don't we make the most of it and prove ourselves worthy of that second chance. :)

SGT <3

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