Nailed It!: Simple Florals

Like many girls on the go, I don't really have the time to mull over and to spend so much time  in some of the littlest tasks, such as doing my nails. I usually get a professional manicure nowadays. I realized that it's so much better that way since all bases are covered. I prefer to have them cleaned, shaped, and buffed, with no polish added. I now do my nail design at home. I revived some of my old polishes with some solvent. That way, I don't have to shell out more for new ones. Read more about my tips for keeping your tips in tip-top shape, while being on a budget HERE.

When I do have time (and no budget at all for luxuries like a mani-pedi), I do my own everything. Anyway, since I gravitate towards shiny objects and cheap thrills, I have this new-found fascination for collecting nail art stickers. You've probably seen my previous entry and my first ever trial in nail "art." If you haven't yet, you can read about it HERE!

Now that we're done moving in to my new apartment in the city (it was the least glamorous day of my life!), I can somehow rest easy and manage to have maarte nails now that all the lifting, the assembly of furniture, the cleaning, the washing, all the painful chores included in moving out of the home and into a new one, are done. Consider it as a post-macho moment reward to myself. I'm proud of  me and my mom! We did it! We managed to put some elbow grease into it and turned an otherwise blah studio-type apartment into a habitable and humble abode.

Anywaaaaaaaay! About the nails! Yes. I am a beginner, a newbie, a mere enthusiast at this point, but I'm so happy that I was able to come up with a design all my own.

Please pardon the wrinkly hands. Bleach doesn't really fare well with my skin at all. Must be from all that cleaning business earlier. :( Note to self: You have hand cream lying around, use it. Haha!

And hey, check out this cool find! I got an entire sheet of nail art stickers with varied designs, all for only Php 26 ($0.50)! Snagged it from a local Divisoria-esque department store in my hometown. I'll definitely make use of these pretty soon!

Stickers are a quick and easy way to update your digits and to keep them from looking oh-so-boring! Jazz 'em up with 3D stickers for an edgier look, with glittered ones for that extra-cute factor, or some simple ones like what I used above for a more classic but equally pretty over-all appeal. :)

SGT <3