Random Road Trips and Ramblings

You know what they say about unplanned trips, they're more likely to push through. Today, my best friend, Chammy, called me up right after lunch, asking if I was home and if I had anything planned. Since I was making the most out of my bum days anyway, I decided to go along and meet up with her.

We first had our mani-pedi combos done at Polish and Strip first, then we decided to speed off to Tagaytay to grab a bite, thanks to my grumbling tummy! >__<

It was a cloudy and gloomy day, but that didn't stop us from chattering our way to Tagaytay and back. Well, I kind of rocked out and sang my heart away 'til the heaven can't take it anymore and until it decided to angrily send us rain, perhaps as a way to reprimand my caffeine-charged singing and dancing extravaganza (yes, all the way from Tagaytay to Santa Rosa, I did that!) HAHA! Every bonding moment with my bestie is always more memorable than the last. 

Anyway, as I said, we went to Tagaytay to grab a bite. She really knows me well. She knew I had been craving for Mushroom Burger for months now! Okay, maybe just weeks, but still! Gah! Id' give anything to eat there again!!! Thumbs up for Mushroom Burger! :3

They have a pretty decent parking space.
They house their cultured mushrooms here. 
Hi Chammy and Adrian! :))
 ... and finally!
I just went for it! Oh, I will never tire of craving for and devouring this burger! It's made of mushrooms -- perfect for my vegetarian needs. :)

We went straight to Starbucks for (what else?) coffee afterwards. I ordered my usual -- a grande White Chocolate Mocha. It was getting dark and chilly. Thanks to the biglaan nature of this lakad, I was only able to whip out a good-for-summer-only outfit: sando and shorts! :| *slow clap*

Chammy's coffee bun. Not from Starbucks :))
 Aaaand after being pestered by the gamu-gamos that were busily bustling about, and the biggest tease of all -- the drizzle, then the rain, we made our way back to Santa Rosa so I can pick my car up where I left it, outside the nail salon. (I wanted to give my best friend's new car a try and decided to leave Macho behind; besides, carpooling will save us gas and will help lessen our carbon footprint! Green living idea right there!)

Check out my outfit shots. I was instantly drawn to the vines of orchids that were cascading down in one corner of Mushroom Burger's parking lot. See how inappropriate my clothes are for the rainy season and for the chilly breeze in Tagaytay? :))

I'm really glad I went out today. Staying inside the house doing pretty much nothing, really kills me. I've been so uninspired, almost to the point of lacking the will to live (okay, maybe not so much), but you get the point. I know I should really make the most out of my bum days, but all this idle time is stressing me out. I know I'm going to miss it once I step into the "real world" after my 8-month hiatus, but I think I've had just about enough down time to somehow figure out what I want to do with my life... OR NOT.

Sorry if I speak in riddles and confuse you with posts and rambles like this one, but these are the things that run through my mind on a daily basis. Okay, maybe not on a daily basis, but these are the kinds of things I obsessively think about every so often. I can't help it. I'm a thinker... not like Plato or Aristotle, but I just can't stop thinking, really. It gets tiring.

Okay, I'm ending my nonsense now. Bye! :)

SGT <3


  1. Hi AJ! Thanks for the comment on my post. :) Thanks for the compliment. Keep it up with your blog!

    Melai of Style and Soul

    1. You're welcome! Oh, and thank YOU. I'm always looking forward to reading your every post. ^_^