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According to skincarephysicians.com, there are two kinds of skin aging: internal and external aging. The former begins at age 20 and can go on from there. Here are some symptoms of internal skin aging:
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Thin and transparent skin
  • Loss of underlying fat, leading to hollowed cheeks and eye sockets as well as noticeable loss of firmness on the hands and neck
  • Bones shrink away from the skin due to bone loss, which causes sagging skin
  • Dry skin that may itch
  • Inability to sweat sufficiently to cool the skin
  • Graying hair that eventually turns white
  • Hair loss
  • Unwanted hair
  • Nail plate thins, the half moons disappear, and ridges develops

External skin aging, on the other hand, can be acquired through lifestyle-related factors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, too much sun exposure, and the like.

It's a scary thought that as early as our age now, skin aging can rear its ugly head. Add to that the self-destructive activities that we happen to do on a daily basis that damage our skin. Prevention is always better than cure. Thankfully, there's Skintel Anti-Age White.

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This line comes with a facial toner, a body lotion, and a soap. If you frequent any Watsons store, then you probably would have passed by an entire wall filled with DermPharma's wonderful products, Skintel included.

Anyway, if you're worried about catching on the skin aging tell-tale signs, then Skintel might just be the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out what good each item in this line can possibly bring to your skin. (info is derived here)

1. Skintel Anti-Age White Beauty Soap

cleanses skin, removes skin-damaging impurities that cause premature skin aging, whitens complexion and fights skin aging to make skin cleaner, younger, and fairer.

2. Skintel Anti-Age White Facial Toner
deeply cleanses the skin, removes skin-damaging impurities, minimizes pore size, whitens complexion, and fights skin aging to make skin smoother, fairer, and younger.

3. Skintel Anti-Age White Body Lotion
is a non-greasy and non-sticky lotion that moistures, whitens complexion, and fights skin aging to make skin softer, younger, and fairer.

Take your pick and let your skin decide for you. Better yet, grab 'em all to totally combat skin aging! My mom has been using the entire line for weeks now and she absolutely swears by it! The sagging skin on her hands firmed up somehow and looked a little less stressed. She uses the beauty bar all over, in combination with the body lotion. Did I mention that it smells great too? Thanks to the coffee cherry and yam bean extracts that's in the products, the plastic-y, chemical smell and composition of these youth-restoring products, are nothing to be worried about. Just use them and let them work their magic. They say age is but a number and it doesn't have to show up on our skin either!

Swing by your local Watsons stores nationwide for prices and availability concerns. :)

*This is a sponsored post.
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