The Spark is Back

Just when I was about to lose my blogging spark, a day goes by and I am reminded why I started this blog in the first place. I want to be a friend to every girl on a budget. I want to write for myself and hopefully, my friends (ehem, YOU!) will see things from my perspective. I'm not here to please anyone, really. I'm here to state my own experiences and tell it as it is, describe things by how I see them. I write reviews and features for things that I particularly fancy. If I dislike something about a product, you can clearly discern those points as well, as I also lay down my apprehensions and disappointments in every review (if any).

Anyway, it's been quite a while since my last post, yeah? Honestly, I've been quite lost. From time to time, it gets too taxing to keep something up with no tangible force of motivation backing you up, except for the sole reason, the very reason why you write in the first place. 

Today, I was reminded.

I was supposed to meet a friend to watch Cinemalaya, but our plans changed. I met up with Ms. Mafi Geronimo of JLC Miller, Inc. and Ms. Lee Shen Gee of Shen's Addiction to discuss a few matters. Ms. Mafi, who I lovingly call Ate Ging, treated us to lunch at Mary Grace in Greenbelt 3. 

It was such an eye-opening lunch date. I learned so much about the blogging "industry" and how it really works. I admit, I'm a blogging newbie, but learning is something I can never turn down. I always take up on any chance that I can educate myself more about how the whole dynamic works and how bloggers move about both in the world wide web and in the real world. To make the long story short, fuel made my fire go ablaze, yet again. I found the inspiration I've been thirsting for the past few weeks or so. I really hope to be blogging 10, 20, even 30 years from now! I really love sharing new findings and discoveries with everyone, but ultimately, I love writing about fashion and beauty for the simplest of reasons: I just love doing it!

It is my sincerest hope that if I lose my way in the future, I go back to the core of my purpose. I write for me. I write for girls like me. Like it? Thank you. Hate it? I thank you just the same. Either way, I get to express my own views. I am truly grateful for everyone who feel that my opinions have weight and influence in their decision-making. I really appreciate every question you guys ask me. I feel like I am doing something to affect other people's lives in one way or another, just by showing who I am and what I like. I do not intend to "sell" anything at all. I just want to share what I did, how my experience went, and what I thought about it. It's really up to my readers what to do with the information and opinion they have in the palm of their hands. So ultimately, my heart goes out to every person who takes a small sliver of their time, a moment from their busy lives, to read my entries and carry with them somehow a piece of me, a piece of She Goes Thrifty. You never fail to inspire me to keep going. You never fail to keep me believing in myself and in turn, to keep you believing in yourself too!

On that note, I hope that you understand that every post takes time to create. I really want to put out the best article I can possibly come up with. I want to impart well-informed opinions and observations based on personal experiences acquired over time (for consistency and integrity purposes). Now that I am about to usher in a new chapter in my life as a professional, I might just have less time for blogging, but that doesn't mean that you can expect lackluster entries from me every now and then. It only gets better from here. I am a work in progress. This site is too. But with every chance for improvement, comes growing pains. Trust that these hurdles will not hinder our quest for all things happy and beautiful! 

I am reminded of why I started She Goes Thrifty. I intend to keep it that way. :)

SGT <3

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