After the Rain

Hola! Yours truly is back from a circumstantial hiatus. I've missed blogging (and dressing up) so much! I've been quite busy at work (yes, right away) and as much as I want to keep you all in virtual company, certain events transpired that really dampened the Filipino spirit (mine included), but not for long.

I hope you are all doing well and recovering from the harsh blow that the monsoon rains bequeathed upon our humble terrain. My sincere prayers go out to all those affected by the flooding all over Metro Manila and in other parts of Luzon.

After what seemed to be the gloomiest week of the year, the sun finally shone. A ray of hope for us Pinoys, perhaps? I couldn't pass up the chance to share even just a sliver of joy and good vibes, by simply donning a happy-hued ensemble. I believe that colors can really affect our mood. Whenever I feel down in the dumps, I try to dress up or surround myself with things that will uplift my crappy disposition.

I won't keep you reading for long, at least for now. I'm really beat from a day of shopping in Divisoria (READ: for work). So for now, please bask in this psychedelic mish-mash of bright colors. Think of it as my very own way of hugging and comforting each and everyone of you out there. :)

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Custom-made
Sandals: Parisian
Bag: Creato
Watch: Q&Q
Bangles: from Quiapo
Belt: Genevieve Gozum

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I wore this outfit to a Saturdate with my mom. She took all of the photos with my new Samsung Galaxy Ace which I love using so much! <3 i="i" supposed="supposed" to="to" watch="watch" we="we" were="were">The Healing
, but ATC is not screening it. Brave had not much vacant seats left. :/ We just had an overwhelming lunch at Ramen X, stopped by for coffee in Starbucks somewhere along SLEX, and went to SM Santa Rosa to claim the TV we got for my apartment. :)

May my sunny disposition rub off on you. There may be rain in our parade, but it doesn't mean that the sun will never shine down upon us again. Like they say, this too shall pass. God will never put us through any test or obstacle we cannot overcome and rise above and beyond. :)

As Southborder's song goes, "There's a rainbow always after the rain..."

SGT <3 p="p">

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