Cheap Thrills: Hardware

Earlier today, I went shopping at Divisoria, the famous bargain capital of the Philippines (I just made that one up)! Haha! But really, I always enjoy going to Divi, as every trip is filled with great finds and the best buys that fit my air-tight budget to a tee. When you're a working girl on a budget, you can't always afford to go for 500-peso earrings or 2000-peso necklaces. If you can spare the time and the effort, Divi is always a good place to start. Visit 168 mall in the heart of the Divisoria district and you'll find wall-to-wall displays of just about anything -- from cellphones to umbrellas, to slippers, to trendy clothes, to hip accessories, and so much more. You won't have to worry about your rumbling tummy because there's a food court inside the mall. The choices are wide and varied, there's something for everyone, for sure!

I'll write about tips on how to conquer Divisoria soon. ;)

Check out some of my finds:

I got all these and more for a little under Php 1,500! I also was able to buy a pair of kicks that's perfect for the rainy season, a gold dragon bracelet, a pouch for my phones (in purple, oohlala!), and some hair styling tools (like spin pins and some curlers). Looking forward to my next visit!

Have you ever been to Divisoria? Do tell me all about it! :)

SGT <3>

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