Without You

Aloha! How's everybody been doing?! I sure hope you still haven't forgotten about me! Yes, your trusty neighborhood cheap-thrill-seeker is back with a vengeance! I know, I know. It's been MONTHS and it seems like I've abandoned this ship, but fret not! I am here once again and I am doing my darn best to stay afloat!

So yeah, you might have been asking what I've been up to in the past few months, well, I've been drowning in my corporate woes. If not for the numerous events I've been handling and going to, left and right, you can probably find me sandwiched between piles of paper and endless trails of administrative work. It's such a lame excuse for being cyber-dead for a while, but I am trying my darn hardest to turn things around!

Anyway, on to the outfit, I wore this to the David Guetta Live in Manila concert at the MOA Arena last October 10, 2012. Just when I was about to scream my lungs off from frustration and all the stress that's been piling on my shoulders at the time, my good friend Kach, messaged me, asked if I wanted to see the show. OF COURSE I WANTED TO SEE DAVID GUETTA SPIN LIVE! I've been wanting to for the past couple of weeks! The offer couldn't have come at a better time... and get this! THE TICKET WAS GIVEN TO HER FOR FREE! Oh, and did I mention that those were VIP tickets?

Dress: Forever 21
Wedges: Parisian Shoes
 Bag: Sophie Signatures
Watch: Link
Kissy kissy! Lovin' my Gypsy lipstick from E.L.F.!

World, meet Kach, one of the kookiest girls I know. Thanks for the tickets, love! :)
The show was wiiiild! I mean that in a good way. David was smiling all throughout his set, so was DJ Alesso and DJ Kaz James, who both rocked the house before David brought it down!

The crowd, in panorama.
We LOVE you too, David!

David kept leaping on to his table, making the crowd roar with excitement! I'm really glad I came to see the show. Without you, David, my week probably would have been one sigh of disappointment after another. Without you, I wouldn't have been as psyched to fly to Bacolod and catch an early flight (sans the sleep afterwards). 

It's good to have something to look forward to at the end of every day. For fellow working girls like me whose stress levels are always on a record high, we must never forget to still strive for that work-life balance they speak of. Yes, it's fulfilling to work yourself to the bone and get things done, but after a while, it gets toxic and suffocating. We end up being burned out and sick of everything, even before it started.

So yeah, once in a while, kick off your high-heels, strut to the beat of life outside the four corners of your office, and just have fun! 

I'll see you guys around, yeah? :)



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