Plain and Simple

A few weeks after my last blog entry, here I am again, crawling my way back into your good graces. I'm not gonna lie, not being able to write is killing me. I wake up in the middle of the night, just itching to jot something down on paper, but my exhaustion from work just won't let me work that pen anymore.

So on the rare occasion that I have free time on my hands, what do I do? I spend it with family and friends... and I squeeze in some blogging. ;)

Since it's a long weekend, I've had the luxury of attending an awesome Halloween party (my first!), where I went as someone from the '70's. People asked if I went as Miley Cyrus. But for everyone's information, Donna Pinciotti (from That 70's Show) was really my peg for the night. Anyway! That's beside the point!

Here I am on a nice Sunday morning out with my mom and dad in Tagaytay (clearly our go-to place) after hearing mass. We had breakfast (as usual) at Mile Hi Diner, but this time, I took care of the bill. (Naks, right?)

It's the first time I wore this poncho that I got from Baguio a few years back. Honestly, I had no idea where I can wear it to, since the weather in Manila is pretty insane. Also, I've been trying to conceal the flabs I earned while I was on my Masskara trip in Bacolod. The food was just too damn good to pass up on!

I was never really a fan of jeans, but recently, I started realizing how flexible they can be in everyone's wardrobes. Paired with a nice tawny wedge, this outfit screams comfort AND style.

Know that I barely have any makeup on, as I just rolled out of bed, washed my hair, and drove up to Tagaytay.

In the meantime, please enjoy. :)

Captions to follow. Driving my mom to the mall now. Ciao!


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