Investing in Basics

Black is still the new black.

Recently, I realized how little basic building blocks of fashion I had in my closet! And so I started shopping for outfit staples. Now, I have so much black (or dark-hued) clothes. I'm glad that I do though. I can take them from day to night and change up my look by switching accessories and shoes! They're versatile pieces that can bridge across events, depending on how formal or casual I want to go. They're also universally flattering and can make me 10x slimmer and sleeker! 

Now that I'm breathing in the corporate atmosphere, I have to pay extra attention to what I wear. It has to be appropriate for the workplace, but at the same time, I can't lose my sense of style. I try to compromise. :)

Today I went shopping for some more staples. Check out my finds from Forever 21!

1. Jeans

2. Skirts
Check out the interesting zipper detail on this one!
The faux leather captures my rock star side!
This skirt fits me like a dream!
 3. Basic innerwear

So this is what maturity feels like. Haha! I also just got myself a postpaid plan. Baby steps. I'm on my way to financial independence! I hope I don't splurge on pretty clothes and shoes though (they're my ultimate weakness!) so I'll have money saved up for rainy days. :)

After a long day of shopping, my cousin and I went strolling around Glorietta and found this cute car!

The drive to Makati and back was stressful but it was definitely worth it! I love Forever 21! :)



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  2. I agree! Black is the safest color and the most beautiful of them all! =)


    1. Black is indeed safe. It can also take you from casual to classy, from simple to sophisticated. ;)