Blogging is more fun in the Philippines.

I totally agree.

Filipinos love to share what's on their mind, and with the onset of social networking and the new media age, we can't help but delight in the availability of venues for self-expression.

I've been blogging on and off for quite a while. For one, this is not my first and only blog, I've had many other sites that I put up since I was in high school, but none of them seemed to have withstood the test of time and of course, my short attention span.

It's quite nice to know that the blogging community here in the Philippines is growing exponentially. Thanks to Nuffnang, bloggers were treated to an entire day of learning, fun, and more (social) networking. Ladies and gents, welcome to Nuffnang Blogopolis: ONLIne in the Philippines! It's one of those glorious moments where you see, meet, and get to learn from your favorite online personalities. 

The speakers and panelists walked us through what blogging in the Philippines really takes, to where the future of blogging is headed. It was such a fun-filled series of lectures (it seriously felt like a normal hangout with your best friends, only you get to educate yourself about your craft). 

That's Mom Blogger.
And this is Mic Sy Lim of FashionPulis. 
David Guison was there too.

I need a mani-pedi stat!
Loot bags galore!
Can't get enough of the loads of goodies in here!
Don't you think?
Vitress samples were handed out during the Fellowship Night.
The Nuffnang team showered the guests with Vitress goodness.
The Skin White mini-movie.
Johnoy Danao took the stage.
With the young and talented beauty-and-brains behind South Sartorial, Noreen Legaspi.
Don't forget to check out Noreen's cool creations - South Sartorial!

It's been forever since I last took an outfit shot, and I simply can't miss out on this opportunity to do just that! If you know me, you're probably going to notice that I rarely wear black during events. I'm afraid I'd blend in way too much. Youth is such a perfect excuse for wearing loud colors and playful prints. I decided to go all out with colorful hues with this particular ensemble for an outfit that screams "She Goes Thrifty!"

After the event, we dined at My Thai in Greenbelt (with my family).

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes:  People Are People

I did my own hair for the event. Played around with one of those bump-it things I got from Saizen.

This place used to be Temple Bar where me and my high school friends used to go.

Have a great week ahead! :)



  1. Nice shoes! :) hope you can visit my blog and follow back if you like..:)