Black and Blue All Over

 "Let the rain kiss you. 
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
 Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
~ Langston Hughes

The weather has been anything but warm and sunny. It's early in January, yet it's as stormy as July. Odd, isn't it? If you're like me who's always been a summer kid (I was born in April, the peak of the summer season in the Philippines), you probably won't fancy the chilly breeze on days like what we've been having lately. Au contraire, there's something melancholic and beautiful about the rain. It makes me want to cozy up in my room with a nice book and a warm cup of hot dark chocolate with extra marshmallows. Like some senti person who watches the rain drops crawl through the glass outside, as if clinging on to dear life, hoping to find its place.

Oddly enough, that's what I've been feeling lately. I've been out of sorts, perhaps due to all the mayhem going on in one side of my otherwise humdrum life. I'm somewhat happy elsewhere. Okay, maybe not in the love department, but you get the point. Work has been anything but gentle. I just wish that life would play on like a well-rehearsed music video fit for the rainy days. Not even the wind can calm down the beast's heart, not even with its lethargic lullaby.

Enough of the poetry, on to the outfit, shall we go? Right, so one rainy Friday, a new teammate of mine, Ria, has agreed to take a walk outside the office, snap a few shots of me, grab coffee, and return to our reality as per usual. Thanks, Ria! :)

 Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Charles and Keith
Rosary Necklace from Quiapo Church

Soak in the out pour! Live every waking moment, no matter how depressing it may seem to be, remember that even the darkest clouds carry with them the brightest sunshine after all.

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